Kevin Rudd reinstalled as Australian prime minister

By Patrick O’Connor, 27 June 2013

The last minute efforts to revive the Labor Party’s electoral fortunes reflect deep concerns in ruling circles that its collapse would endanger the stability of parliamentary rule.

A grim milestone: Texas carries out 500th execution

By Kate Randall, 27 June 2013

Kimberly McCarthy became the 500th individual to be executed in Texas in the modern era, and the fifth woman to be executed in Texas since 1854.

US-China tensions flare over Snowden’s revelations

By John Chan, 27 June 2013

The anger in Beijing over the security implications of NSA hacking has been compounded by US threats following Snowden’s departure from Hong Kong.

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US Supreme Court decides gay marriage cases

By Don Knowland, 27 June 2013

The US Supreme struck down a federal law discriminating against gay marriages and let stand a lower court ruling invalidating California’s ban on gay marriage.

New Democracy and PASOK form new crisis-ridden government in Greece

By Robert Stevens, 27 June 2013

A crisis-ridden Greek government, composed of New Democracy and PASOK, announced a new cabinet following the resignation of the Democratic Left from the coalition.

Australian government to extend intelligence powers

By Patrick O’Connor, 27 June 2013

In the wake of Edward Snowden’s damning disclosures, the Labor government has downplayed plans for a further escalation of the police state-style powers introduced since 2001.

Air pollution emergency in South East Asia points to systemic failure

By Gustav Kemper, 27 June 2013

Raging forest and plantation fires are causing unprecedented levels of air pollution in southern Malaysia.

Germany: The false imprisonment of Gustl Mollath

By Sybille Fuchs, 27 June 2013

The case of Gustl Mollath shows that the incarceration of political non-conformists in psychiatric hospitals is entirely possible in today’s Germany.

State of Washington sends furlough warnings to 25,000 state workers

By Christine Schofelt, 27 June 2013

The state legislature is preparing for an impending July 1 partial government shutdown after failing to agree to a budget in a second special legislative session.

New in Afrikaans

Verkoop van aandele wys na nuwe krisis

Deur Nick Beams, 25 June 2013

Die hernieude onrus op die globale finansiële markte, wat ‘n reuse afname op Asiatiese markte en ‘n 1% afname op Wall Street tot gevolg gehand het, wys dat geen van die probleme wat sedert die 2008 ineenstorting plaasgevind het, oorkom is nie.

Siriese oorlog dreig om streeks- en sektariese bloedbad te word

Deur Alex Lantier, 21 June 2013

Oor die laaste weke het Washington se strategie in die Midde Ooste baie duidelik na vore gekom: dit het ten doel om sektariese divisies te eksploiteer, veral tussen die Sunni en Shia Moslems, om die Midde Ooste en sy belange te herstruktureer.

New in Portuguese

A "normalização" das relações da Venezuela com Washington

Por Bill VanAuken, 27 de junho de 2013

O presidente da Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, voará até Roma na próxima semana, pois conseguiu uma audiência com o papa Francisco, o anterior Mario Jorge Bergoglio, que na qualidade de clérigo direitista platino foi cúmplice com os crimes da guerra suja em seu país de origem.

Funcionários russos apontam falhas do FBI ao não considerar informações valiosas do que resultaram os atentados de Boston

Por Nick Barrickman, 27 de junho de 2013

A porta-voz do Senado da Rússia, Valentina Matvienko, afirmou aos entrevistadores da agência de notícias Interfax na terça-feira que funcionários da Agência de Segurança Federal (FSB) enviaram numerosos avisos às autoridades estadunidenses sobre o suspeito do atentado da Maratona de Boston, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, mas "estas informações não foram consideradas pelos americanos, do que resultou a tragédia".

New in Spanish

La "normalización" de relaciones entre Estados Unidos y Venezuela

Por Bill Van Auken, 27 Junio 2013

El presidente Nicolás Maduro ha respondido a la crisis cada vez más profunda de Venezuela realizando un giro hacia el gran capital, hacia Washington y hacia el Papa.

New in German

Bei ihrer Jagd auf Snowden bedrohen die USA China und Russland

Von Peter Symonds, 27. Juni 2013

Das einzige “Gesetz”, welches das Weiße Haus anerkennt, ist eines, das den politischen wirtschaftlichen und strategischen Interessen des US-Imperialismus dient.

Oberster Gerichtshof höhlt Voting Rights Act aus

Von Patrick Martin, 27. Juni 2013

Der Oberste Gerichtshof hat eines der wichtigsten Bürgerrechtsgesetze in der Geschichte Amerikas mit einer Mehrheit von 5 zu 4 praktisch aufgehoben.

Der Fall Gustl Mollath

Von Sybille Fuchs, 27. Juni 2013

Die Einweisung politisch unangepasster Zeitgenossen in die geschlossene Psychiatrie galt lange Zeit als Merkmal autoritärer Regime. Der Fall Gustl Mollath zeigt, dass sie auch in Deutschland möglich ist.

Die Filmtrilogie „Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter“

Von Bernd Reinhardt, 27. Juni 2013

Erklärte Absicht der Filmtrilogie war, die „persönlichen Geschichten“, die Alpträume jener Generation zu inszenieren, die Kinder waren als Hitler an die Macht kam, die im Krieg Schreckliches erlebten und taten und später zum Schweigen verurteilt waren.

Fall Snowden: Wie der deutsche Geheimdienst das Internet überwacht

Von Peter Schwarz, 26. Juni 2013

Wie die amerikanischen und britischen Geheimdienste überwacht auch der deutsche Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) das Internet und baut seine entsprechenden Kapazitäten aus.

New in French

La manière dont les services secrets allemands surveillent internet

Par Peter Schwartz, 27 juin 2013

Les autorités allemandes ont réagi officiellement avec une grande retenue aux révélations du lanceur d'alerte Edward Snowden alors que des millions de citoyens allemands sont concernés.

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The US Supreme Court’s dismantling of the Voting Rights Act

27 June 2013

The decision handed down Tuesday by the Supreme Court marks a major escalation in the legal and political assault on democratic rights in the United States.

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Defend Edward Snowden!

The World Socialist Web Site and the Socialist Equality Party call on all workers, students and youth to come to the defense of Edward Snowden. To get involved, click here.

US threatens Russia, China in its pursuit of Snowden

By Peter Symonds, 26 June 2013

Democratic rights are at stake in fight to defend Edward Snowden

By Barry Grey, 24 June 2013

The NSA’s cyber-surveillance technology
Infrastructure of a police state

By Kevin Reed, 25 June 2013

Defend Edward Snowden!

By Barry Grey and David North, 13 June 2013

Liberal advocates of a police state turn savagely against Edward Snowden

By David North and Eric London, 14 June 2013

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French pseudo-left works to defeat workers’ opposition to upcoming pension cuts

By Anthony Torres, 27 June 2013

The NPA is trying to bring the popular opposition to the Socialist Party’s austerity policies into the dead end of support for the Left Front and the union bureaucracy.

Britain’s People’s Assembly covers for Labour and trade unions

By Paul Mitchell and Robert Stevens, 26 June 2013

More pro-corporate rulings by US Supreme Court

By John Andrews, 26 June 2013

US Supreme Court upholds affirmative action

By Ed Hightower, 25 June 2013

Share selloff points to new crisis

By Nick Beams, 25 June 2013

Support D'Artagnan Collier for Detroit Mayor

SEP Detroit mayoral candidate D’Artagnan Collier rejects claim “there is no money” at forum

By Bryan Dyne, 27 June 2013

Collier speaking at the Dexter Elmhurst Community Center called on workers to reject the claims of Detroit’s emergency manager and to fight for their own independent interests.

Throw out the emergency manager!
Video: D’Artagnan Collier responds to Kevyn Orr’s plan to slash workers’ retirement benefits

19 June 2013

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Detroit in Crisis

NAACP, UAW hold Martin Luther King Jr. rally to promote Democratic Party

By E.P. Bannon and Richard Vargas, 25 June 2013

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Workers Struggles

Teaching unions stage token one-day strike in North West of England

By Jo March, 27 June 2013

The two largest teachers’ unions in the UK are beginning a series of regional rolling strikes.

Arts Review

Max Brooks’ World War Z brought to the screen, or is it?

By Christine Schofelt, 27 June 2013

After much anticipation and several false starts, Max Brooks’ World War Z has finally hit the screen.

Daniel Pinkwater’s Bushman Lives: To become an artist

By Christine Schofelt, 25 June 2013

SEP (Australia) Election 2013

SEP election meeting in Sydney discusses NBN asbestos hazards

By our correspondents, 26 June 2013

Three years since the US-backed coup against Australian Labor PM

By Peter Symonds, 24 June 2013

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SEP (Germany) Election Campaign

Germany: Socialist Equality Party wins support in Cologne and the Ruhr area

By our correspondents, 25 June 2013

Auto Workers Struggles

Canada: CAW agrees to expansion of cheap labor at GM’s Oshawa plants

By Carl Bronski, 25 June 2013

25 years ago: US government makes quarter-million dollar payoff to the Socialist Workers Party

The week of June 27, 1988 the Socialist Workers Party announced on the front page of its weekly, The Militant, that it had received a payment of over a quarter-million dollars from the US government.

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50 years ago: John F. Kennedy in Berlin

US President John Kennedy delivered his famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech on June 26, 1963, before an audience of several hundred thousand gathered at the Rathaus Schöneberg.

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75 years ago: Austrian Jews dismissed from workplaces by Nazis

On June 26, 1938 the National Socialist Party (Nazi) in Austria directed Jewish-owned firms and commercial enterprises to dismiss their Jewish employees within the following two weeks.

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100 years ago: The outbreak of the second Balkan war

On June 29,1913, the second Balkan war, which pitted Bulgaria against its former allies Greece and Serbia, broke out with the Bulgarian army launching attacks on the forces of those countries in Macedonia.

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