Obama administration knew insurance companies would drop millions of customers

By Kate Randall, 5 November 2013

Less than three months after the health care overhaul’s passage, Obamacare regulations estimated that “40 to 67 percent” of individual customers would not be able to keep their coverage.

German media, political parties debate granting Snowden asylum

By Peter Schwarz, 5 November 2013

The issue of the basic democratic right to asylum plays an entirely subordinate role in the debate in Germany on the plight of Edward Snowden.

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Amid protests, Egyptian court suspends trial of ousted President Mursi

By Bill Van Auken, 5 November 2013

As Muslim Brotherhood supporters protested outside the court, Mursi denounced the trial as the illegitimate product of a military coup.

Australian government considers blocking return of Syrian fighters

By Mike Head, 5 November 2013

The proposal demonstrates the political establishment’s readiness to override even the most basic democratic right—citizenship.

UAW bids to set up company union at Tennessee Volkswagen plant

By Jerry White, 5 November 2013

The UAW is relying on VW management to establish a “union” at the Chattanooga plant, which would be a wholly owned subsidiary of the company.

New report condemns US medical professionals’ role in torture

By James Brewer, 5 November 2013

Health professionals were ordered by the US military and the CIA to violate the principles of medical ethics in order to participate in and design torture of detainees.

Chicago mayor outlines class war budget

By Alexander Fangmann, 5 November 2013

Rahm Emanuel’s 2014 budget address to the city council outlined a series of job and benefit cuts.

UK’s Supreme Court legitimises compulsory workfare

By Julie Hyland, 5 November 2013

A UK Supreme Court ruling clears the way for an expansion of workfare, with 200,000 unemployed for two years set to be placed on a new scheme, with claimants having to do 30 hours’ unpaid “community work” for six months.

UK teaching unions call off strike action

By Tania Kent, 5 November 2013

The calling off of a national teachers’ strike exposes the role of Britain’s pseudo-left groups, who have provided a crucial cover for the trade union bureaucracy.

Breton food processing workers, businesses protest French eco-tax

By Pierre Mabut and Alex Lantier, 5 November 2013

Last Saturday saw a mass demonstration of over 20,000 people in Quimper, in the region of Brittany in western France, against a new eco-tax on trucks.

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El partido gobernante de Argentina sufre pérdidas en las elecciones del Congreso

Por Bill Van Auken, 5 noviembre 2013

Fue significante la caída del voto para el kircherismo, la facción gobernante del partido peronista de la presidenta Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, en las elecciones legislativas argentinas del domingo 27 de octubre; fue un reflejo del descontento general con el deterioro de las condiciones económicas y sociales.

New in French

Les gouvernements américain et britannique défendent un espionnage d’Etat policier

Par Patrick Martin, 5 novembre 2013

Les gouvernements des Etats-Unis et du Royaume-Uni ont intensifié leur campagne de répression et de victimisation contre Edward Snowden et ses partisans.

Les renseignements européens et la NSA collaborent pour espionner en masse la population européenne

Par Alejandro Lopez, 5 novembre 2013

Des articles s'appuyant sur les documents fournis par Edward Snowden montrent que les agences de renseignements européennes créent elles aussi une l’infrastructure d'Etats policiers.

Campagne droitière contre les Roms dans toute l'Europe

Par John Vassiliopoulos et Jordan Shilton, 5 novembre 2013

Les médias de masse jouent sur des préjugés vieux de plusieurs siècles contre l'un des groupes ethniques les plus opprimés et les plus vulnérables de toute l'Europe.

Il y a 25 ans : une grève du secteur public ébranlait le gouvernement français

5 novembre 2013

Il y a 25 ans, des grèves sauvages impliquant la quasi-totalité du secteur public français, avec formation de comité de grèves et de comités de coordination ébranlèrent le gouvernement social-démocrate de Michel Rocard.

Les quinze ans du WSWS: 1998-2013
Année passée en revue : 2008
Pourquoi je lis le WSWS: Courrier des lecteurs

New in German

Die politischen Folgen der NSA-Enthüllungen

Von Joseph Kishore, 5. November 2013

Hinter der Krise um die neuesten NSA-Enthüllungen verbirgt sich eine tiefe Angst der herrschenden Elite vor den politischen Folgen der Enthüllung ihres weltweiten Spionageapparates.

Die Debatte über Snowden in Deutschland

Von Peter Schwarz, 5. November 2013

Der Fall Snowden wird für die unterschiedlichsten politischen Ziele missbraucht: Von der Begründung einer aggressiveren deutschen Außen- und Wirtschaftspolitik bis zu Manövern im Rahmen der laufenden Koalitionsverhandlungen.

Britische und amerikanische Regierung verteidigen Überwachungsstaat

Von Patrick Martin, 5. November 2013

Die Regierungen der USA und Großbritanniens verschärfen die Unterdrückung und Einschüchterung Edward Snowdens und seiner Helfer.

Arbeitslosigkeit in Europa auf neuem Rekordstand

Von Stefan Steinberg, 5. November 2013

Laut neuen Zahlen von Eurostat ist die Arbeitslosenquote in den siebzehn Staaten der Eurozone im September auf einen Rekordstand von 12,2 Prozent angestiegen.

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Australian spy agencies central to NSA’s “pivot to Asia”

5 November 2013

The NSA surveillance operations are seamlessly connected to US preparations for cyber-war and military conflict against China.

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The Bankruptcy of Detroit

Emergency Manager Orr to Detroit pensioners: Your “rights are in bankruptcy now”

By Thomas Gaist, 5 November 2013

Cross examination of Orr further exposed the Jones Day law firm’s role in planning the bankruptcy of Detroit

Detroit Bankruptcy at center of National Bankruptcy Judges conference

By Lawrence Porter, 5 November 2013

For a Workers Inquiry into the Attack on the DIA and the Bankruptcy of Detroit!
Statement of the Socialist Equality Party

4 November 2013

The Socialist Equality Party and the International Youth and Students for Social Equality are organizing a Workers Inquiry as the next stage in the Battle of Detroit in opposition to the entire political establishment.

New SEP pamphlet available at Mehring Books
The Defense of Culture and the Crisis in Detroit

Mehring Books is pleased to announce the publication of a new Socialist Equality Party pamphlet, The Defense of Culture and the Crisis in Detroit, by David Walsh and Joe Kishore.

The significance of the rally to defend the Detroit Institute of Arts

By Joseph Kishore and David North, 7 October 2013

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Socialist Alternative boasts of Democratic Party, union support in Minneapolis City Council election

By Eric London and Mike Stapleton, 5 November 2013

Ty Moore, the Socialist Alternative candidate for Minneapolis city council, is running in an open alliance with sections of the Democratic Party and trade union bureaucracy.

Food assistance cut for 48 million Americans
Inequality and the political vacuum in the United States

By Andre Damon, 4 November 2013

25 years ago: Republican candidate George H.W. Bush wins US presidential election

US Republican presidential candidate George H.W. Bush defeated Democrat Michael Dukakis by a wide majority in the election held November 8, 1988.

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50 years ago: Japanese coal mine explosion kills 438

On November 9, 1963, an explosion in the Miike coal mine in Japan killed 458 miners and afflicted another 1,197 with acute carbon monoxide poisoning.

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75 years ago: Nazi Kristallnacht attacks against German Jews

On the night of November 9-10, 1938, mass pogroms against German Jews and Jewish property were organized and executed by the ruling fascist regime.

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100 years ago: Transit workers strike in Indianapolis

A major strike of transit workers in Indianapolis, Indiana, ended on November 7, 1913 after Governor Samuel Ralston declared martial law in the city two days earlier.

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NSA Spying and the Defense of Edward Snowden

US, UK governments defend police-state spying

By Patrick Martin, 4 November 2013

The political implications of the NSA exposures

By Joseph Kishore, 2 November 2013

German Left Party reacts to NSA spying scandal with call for stronger secret services

By Christoph Dreier, 2 November 2013

In exchange with Glenn Greenwald
Bill Keller defends role of New York Times in concealing government crimes

By Barry Grey, 1 November 2013

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Workers Struggles

UK probation officers vote to strike

By Paul Veevers, 5 November 2013

Probation officers in the UK to strike against privatisation as their trade union, Napo, negotiates terms of a private sector service.

Arts Review

Tokyo International Film Festival 2013—Part 2
Blind Dates from Georgia and Nobody’s Home from Turkey

By John Watanabe, 2 November 2013

Robert Reich’s Inequality for All: A friendly warning to the powers that be

By Zac Corrigan, 30 October 2013


On the death of literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki (1920-2013): A passionate advocate of literature—Part 2

By Sybille Fuchs, 1 November 2013

The literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki was one of the most important figures in contemporary German cultural life.

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

IYSSE/SEP public meeting November 9
New York mayoral election: The tasks facing the working class

29 October 2013

The winner of the mayoral election, Bill de Blasio, will continue the policies that have led to unprecedented inequality in the cultural and financial capital of the United States.