Obama prepared to drop jobless benefits as part of budget deal

By Andre Damon and Barry Grey, 7 December 2013

The White House said Friday it would agree to a budget deal with the Republicans that excludes an extension of federal benefits for the long-term unemployed.

Biden in South Korea reaffirms “absolute” US commitment to “pivot to Asia”

By Peter Symonds, 7 December 2013

“America is a Pacific power, a resident Pacific power, and we are going nowhere—nowhere,” Biden declared.

New Zealand calls for “constructive dialogue” on Chinese air defence zone

By Tom Peters, 7 December 2013

The government’s response reflects the dilemma facing the ruling class as it seeks to balance between its chief trading partner, China, and its longstanding ally, the US.

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More whistleblowers emerge in Australia’s Timor spying scandal

By Mike Head, 7 December 2013

The Abbott government is intensifying the drive to shut down East Timor’s legal case and prevent further public exposure of the surveillance network.

EU announces token fines on banks caught rigging global rates

By Stefan Steinberg and Barry Grey, 7 December 2013

The fines amount to a slap on the wrist for banks that have long since factored such sums into their accounts.

Osborne’s Autumn statement: Recovery for UK business means poverty for the working class

By Robert Stevens, 7 December 2013

Labour made immediate moves to go further than the Tories in pledging its commitment to austerity measures.

Former Guantánamo prisoner David Hicks speaks with the World Socialist Web Site

By Richard Phillips, 7 December 2013

Hicks talks about the legal campaign to overturn his bogus terrorism conviction and his concerns about the escalating attacks on democratic rights.

Israel’s Netanyahu weakened by US shift on Iran/Syria

By Jean Shaoul, 7 December 2013

It is the fear that Tehran could become a crucial US ally whose usefulness would outweigh Israel's own that lies behind Netanyahu’s rage over the Geneva deal.

Alberta mounts sweeping attack on workers’ rights

By Keith Jones, 7 December 2013

Alberta’s Conservative government rammed two draconian anti-worker laws through the provincial legislature this past week, as part of its drive to cut public sector workers’ wages and pensions.

Union-organized fast food worker action promotes Democratic Party

By Philip Guelpa, 7 December 2013

On Thursday, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and affiliated groups organized over 100 protests and demonstrations in cities across the United States.

UAW considers dues hike

By Shannon Jones, 7 December 2013

Facing declining membership and falling wages, the outcome of its repeated betrayals, the United Auto Workers is eyeing a 25 percent rise in membership dues.

Washington, DC: Family of woman slain by police calls for investigation

By Nick Barrickman, 7 December 2013

Family members of Miriam Carey requested that federal officials launch an investigation into the events that resulted in the single mother’s police shooting death.

New in French

Detroit autorisée à se placer en faillite

Par Jerry White, 7 décembre 2013

L’autorisation, mardi dernier, par les tribunaux de placer Detroit en faillite marque un point tournant dans l’histoire des relations de classe aux États-Unis.

Le Canada a aidé à espionner les sommets du G8 et du G20

Par Ed Patrick et Keith Jones, 7 décembre 2013

Le gouvernement conservateur canadien a permis à la NSA d’espionner les sommets du G8 à Huntsville en Ontario et du G20 à Toronto en juin 2010.

La France accentue son intervention militaire en Centrafrique

Par Kumaran Ira, 7 décembre 2013

Le 5 décembre au soir, le président fraçnais François Hollande a annoncé une intervention militaire « immédiate » en République centrafricaine.

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New in German

Wachsende Spannungen in Asien bedeuten Gefahr von Weltkrieg

Von Nick Beams, 7. Dezember 2013

Am Vorabend des hundertsten Jahrestags des Ersten Weltkriegs im August 2014 wird in herrschenden Kreisen und Medienkommentaren immer häufiger die Aussicht auf einen erneuten Weltkrieg thematisiert

Große Koalition plant Ausbau des Überwachungsstaats

Von Ulrich Rippert, 7. Dezember 2013

Die zukünftige Regierung erwartet heftigen Widerstand gegen ihren Sparkurs, deshalb stärkt sie den Staatsapparat.

Brand im toskanischen Prato tötet sieben Textilarbeiter

Von Stefan Steinberg und Marianne Arens, 7. Dezember 2013

Sieben chinesische Arbeiter starben in Prato (Toskana) in den Flammen ihrer Produktionsstätte. Der Brand beleuchtet eine gigantische Parallelwirtschaft, die auf Billiglohnarbeit beruht.

Nelson Mandela gestorben

Von Patrick O’Connor, 7. Dezember 2013

Mandela hat seine politischen Fähigkeiten und seinen persönlichen Mut dazu benutzt, die Gefahr einer sozialen Revolution in Südafrika abzuwehren, das Apartheidregime zu beenden und dabei den Kapitalismus zu verteidigen.

Spanische Regierung geht rigoros gegen öffentliche Proteste vor

Von Alejandro López, 7. Dezember 2013

Das Anti-Protest Gesetz ist ein Versuch, den politischen Dissens zu kriminalisieren.

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Why imperialism mourns Mandela

7 December 2013

Governments that once denounced Nelson Mandela as a “terrorist” and supported the Apartheid regime that sentenced him to life imprisonment now hail him as a global icon of peace and reconciliation.

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Former South African President Nelson Mandela dies

By Patrick O’Connor, 6 December 2013

Mandela utilised his political skills and personal courage to stave off the threat of social revolution in South Africa, dismantling the Apartheid regime while defending capitalism.

The Bankruptcy of Detroit

Millionaire offers $5 million in support of plan to spin off the Detroit Institute of Arts

By Thomas Gaist, 7 December 2013

Ultra-wealthy individuals and foundations are seeking to privatize the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA).

Chrysler workers denounce Detroit bankruptcy ruling, support Workers Inquiry

By WSWS reporting team, 7 December 2013

Workers at Chrysler’s Warren Truck Assembly plant expressed anger at the bankruptcy court ruling that Detroit city workers’ pensions were not protected by the state constitution and could be cut.

Video: SEP holds press conference to announce Workers Inquiry

6 December 2013

Detroit bankruptcy ruling triggers calls for pension cuts across the US

By Jerry White, 6 December 2013

The Detroit bankruptcy ruling

By Jerry White, 5 December 2013

For a Workers Inquiry into the Attack on the DIA and the Bankruptcy of Detroit!
Statement of the Socialist Equality Party

More on the bankruptcy of Detroit »

Workers Struggles

Renewed strikes at Amazon sites in Germany

By Dietmar Henning, 7 December 2013

The miserable working conditions at Amazon have been ignored by German trade unions for years. Now, the Verdi union is utilising the conflicts at the online retailer to further its own interests.

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

7 December 2013

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

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22 November 2013

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The struggle for Ukraine

By Peter Schwarz, 6 December 2013

As tensions in Asia mount, danger of world war emerges

By Nick Beams, 6 December 2013

Arts Review

Alexander Payne’s Nebraska: How a great many people live today

By Joanne Laurier, 6 December 2013

The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact with Hitler—how the studios suppressed films about Nazi crimes

By Charles Bogle, 5 December 2013

Sean O’Casey’s Juno and the Paycock in New York City

By David Walsh, 2 December 2013

Socialist Equality Party

Berlin rally commemorates 75th anniversary of the Fourth International

By our correspondents, 5 December 2013

As military tensions increase in Asia
SEP public meetings: Oppose the US, Australia war preparations against China

4 December 2013

Workers’ Inquiry on Weliweriya water pollution
Venigros owners demand reopening of Sri Lankan factory

By Vilani Peiris, 4 December 2013

NSA Spying and the Defense of Edward Snowden

US tracks billions of cell phone location records daily

By Eric London, 5 December 2013

UK public meetings: Defend Edward Snowden! Oppose Britain’s surveillance state!

More on NSA spying and the defense of Edward Snowden »

25 years ago: Argentine military rebels against civilian government

Officers demanding amnesty for the Argentine “dirty warriors” seized a section of the Campo de Mayo military base near Buenos Aires on December 2, 1988.

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50 years ago: Oswald named as lone gunman in Kennedy assassination

On December 3, 1963 the New York Times reported that the FBI’s initial report on the November 22 assassination of President John Kennedy would “probably” show that “Oswald acted alone.”

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75 years ago: Ribbentrop and Bonnet sign Franco-German Friendship Pact

On December 6, 1938 during a visit to France, German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop signed the Declaration of Franco-German Friendship with his French counterpart Georges Bonnet.

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100 years ago: French cabinet falls amid sharpening political tensions

On December 2, 1913, the French cabinet fell, with the resignation of Prime Minister Louis Barthou.

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Letters from our readers

7 December 2013

A selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.