Paris conference on Syria: US, European allies renew push for regime-change

By Alex Lantier, 13 January 2014

Top US and European diplomats assembled Sunday in Paris for a two-day meeting of the so-called Friends of Syria group.

Iran and US finalize interim nuclear deal

By Keith Jones, 13 January 2014

Negotiations to implement the interim agreement proved protracted, as the US and the EU sought to extort additional concessions from Tehran.

France, Japan form alliance targeting Chinese influence in Africa

By Kumaran Ira, 13 January 2014

Japan’s foreign and defense ministers visited Paris for “two-plus-two” talks with their French counterparts last Thursday.

300,000 in West Virginia remain without safe water for fourth day

By Clement Daly, 13 January 2014

Nearly 17 percent of West Virginia’s population have no safe water.

Obama administration moves to freeze lawsuit challenging spying programs

By Eric London, 13 January 2014

The pseudo-legal arguments used by the Obama administration to prevent the disclosure of state surveillance programs demonstrate the hostility of the political establishment to the democratic rights enumerated in the US Constitution.

More on NSA spying and the defense of Edward Snowden »

US inflames row with China over fisheries regulations

By Peter Symonds, 13 January 2014

The Obama administration is exploiting the South China Sea disputes to drive a wedge between China and its neighbours.

Over 400 jobs cut in Ireland as Lufthansa subsidiary shuts plant

By Jordan Shilton, 13 January 2014

Lufthansa Technik announced the closure of a facility near Dublin.

Unstable economic upturn in New Zealand

By Tom Peters, 13 January 2014

The growth is driven by a boom in sales to China and a temporary increase in construction activity in earthquake-devastated Christchurch.

US university hospital suspends its black lung unit

By Clement Daly, 13 January 2014

A group of radiologists at Johns Hopkins University Hospital has been instrumental in preventing thousands of coal miners from receiving black lung benefits.

Billionaire-backed education “reform” organizations attack California teachers

By Dan Conway, 13 January 2014

Pro-charter school organizations are preparing multiple attempts to remove job protections and democratic rights for teachers.

New in French

L'Asie : la poudrière du 21e siècle

Par Peter Symonds, 13 janvier 2014

Alors que le monde marque les 100 ans du déclenchement de la Première Guerre mondiale, les dangers d'une autre catastrophe mondiale qui éclaterait en Asie n'ont pas diminué, ils se précisent de plus en plus.

Allemagne: La grande coalition et le parti Die Linke

Par Peter Schwarz, 13 janvier 2014

En tant que dirigeant de l’opposition officielle, Die Linke sert de soutien fiable au gouvernement allemand.

Pourquoi les criminels de Wall Street ne sont-ils pas poursuivis?

Par Barry Grey, 13 janvier 2014

Ce qui prévaut en Amérique, ce n’est pas la démocratie mais un renouveau des privilèges aristocratiques.

La campagne électorale est en cours en Afrique du Sud

Par Thabo Seseane Jr., 13 janvier 2014

Les prochaines élections générales en Afrique du Sud auront lieu entre avril et juillet de cette année.

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The real content of Obama’s “progressive” agenda
Democrats attack the unemployed and the poor

13 January 2014

Congressional Democrats this week publicly offered to join Republicans in cutting back extended benefits for the unemployed and slashing food stamp benefits for the poorest sections of the working class.

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Ariel Sharon, war criminal (February 26, 1928-January 11, 2014)

By Jean Shaoul, 13 January 2014

Sharon is justly reviled by millions for his policies of provocation, murder and ethnic cleansing.

The Bankruptcy of Detroit

“Educated workers are dangerous workers”
Support builds for the Workers Inquiry into Detroit bankruptcy

By our reporting team, 13 January 2014

An SEP campaign team discussed the upcoming Detroit Workers Inquiry at Eastern Market on Saturday.

Video: Workers Inquiry into the Detroit Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy judge has rubber-stamped plans to steal the pensions of Detroit workers and sell off the city's cultural heritage. Now it's time for the working class to expose and fight this conspiracy.

For a Workers Inquiry into the Attack on the DIA and the Bankruptcy of Detroit!

Why is Dan Gilbert on the Detroit Blight Removal Task Force?

By Kevin Reed, 11 January 2014

Behind the attack on the Detroit Institute of Arts
The oligarchs and their playthings: The private museum comes into its own

By Nancy Hanover, 9 January 2014

More on the bankruptcy of Detroit »

25 years ago: Framed Kentucky miners’ appeal denied

After a federal court denied the appeal of four framed-up Kentucky miners, the January 13, 1989 issue of the Bulletin newspaper, published by the Workers League, forerunner of the Socialist Equality Party, called for an all-out defense campaign in the labor movement.

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50 years ago: Army revolt in Tanganyika

On January 20, 1964, an army revolt was launched in Tanganyika against President Julius K. Nyerere and his cabinet.

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75 years ago: IRA bombs British cities

On Monday January 16, 1939, a series of five bombs planted by operatives of the Irish Republican Army exploded in London and Manchester.

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100 years ago: Police frame up IWW songwriter Joe Hill

On January 13, 1914, Joe Hill was arrested in connection with two murders in Salt Lake City.

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The NPA’s support for France’s wars in Africa

By Kumaran Ira and Alex Lantier, 13 January 2014

The NPA writes not as an opponent of imperialism, but as an advocate of different, perhaps more clever policies to pursue increasingly unpopular wars.

Asia: The 21st century tinderbox for war

By Peter Symonds, 11 January 2014

The International Socialist Organization and the betrayal of the Boeing workers

By Jerry White, 10 January 2014

Worst US jobs report in three years shatters claims of economic recovery

By Andre Damon, 11 January 2014

Germany: The grand coalition and the Left Party

By Peter Schwarz, 11 January 2014

Socialist Equality Party

Against the European Union, for the United Socialist States of Europe!
Statement by the Partei für Soziale Gleichheit and Socialist Equality Party (UK) on the 2014 European Elections

10 January 2014

Public Meeting: David Hyland—a political appreciation

28 December 2013

The Socialist Equality Party in the UK is hosting a memorial meeting on January 18 for Dave Hyland, its former national secretary, who died December 8, aged 66.

David Edward Hyland: March 7, 1947 — December 8, 2013

By Chris Marsden, 10 December 2013

Letters of condolence on the death of Dave Hyland »

Workers Struggles

Sri Lanka: Bogus union campaign for sacked Ansell strikers

By W. A. Sunil, 13 January 2014

The Sri Lankan union and its international federation isolated the almost two-month-long Ansell strike and paved the way for its defeat.

India’s “judiciary acts on the agenda of the capitalists”
—says lawyer for Maruti Suzuki workers facing frame-up murder charges

By Deepal Jayasekera and Arun Kumar, 8 January 2014

Arts Review

German writer Georg Büchner: 200 years since his birth—Part 2

By Sybille Fuchs, 13 January 2014

An exhibition opened in Darmstadt, Germany in October 2013 that centres on the life and work of the great writer, revolutionary and scientist Georg Büchner. This is the second part of a series.

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom: A film largely without history or even politics

By Isaac Finn, 10 January 2014