New York City police pledge “wartime” response to killing of two officers

By Sandy English, 22 December 2014

The killing of two police officers in New York City this weekend has been followed by a near-mutinous response from the city’s police department, with demands for a crackdown on protests against police violence.

Prosecutor in Michael Brown case knowingly presented false testimony favorable to Ferguson cop

By Andre Damon, 22 December 2014

The revelation underscores the fact that the grand jury proceeding that failed to indict Darren Wilson was a legal fraud.

National Guard called up in response to Milwaukee protest over police violence

By Kristina Betinis, 22 December 2014

The activation of the National Guard is in anticipation of protests over a decision on whether or not to indict a Milwaukee police officer who killed unarmed Dontre Hamilton.

Obama “task force” on policing: A cover for militarization

Torture, police killings and the militarization of America

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What is in the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture: Part three

By Eric London, 22 December 2014

This is the third of three articles summarizing the contents of the unclassified executive summary of the US Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA torture program.

What is in the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture: Part two

What is in the Senate Intelligence Committee Report on CIA torture: Part one

The European powers and CIA torture

Cheney on CIA torture: “I’d do it again in a minute”

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Wall Street surge another sign of instability

By Nick Beams, 22 December 2014

The gyrations on Wall Street last week underscore how dependent financial markets are on the supply of ultra-cheap money from the US Federal Reserve.

Australia: Workers and youth denounce government and media response to Sydney siege

By our reporters, 22 December 2014

Many of those who spoke with the WSWS in Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne last weekend were deeply suspicious about the state counterterrorism operation.

The Sydney siege and the drive to war

The Sydney siege

Navistar closing foundry in Indianapolis, Indiana

By Jerry White, 22 December 2014

The plant closing, which comes after the UAW accepted a 40 percent wage cut, is the latest in the area, long-known as a major automotive and manufacturing center.

Confronting anger over two-tier wages and low pay
US auto union president postures in advance of 2015 contract talks

US unions back historic assault on workers’ pensions

Pakistan escalates war offensive after school attack

By Sampath Perera, 22 December 2014

Pakistan’s government has seized on last week’s terror attack to intensify its military offensive in the country’s tribal areas and restore capital punishment.

Spain passes police state measures

By Alejandro López, 22 December 2014

The aim of Spain’s Citizens Security Law is to prevent demonstrations organised outside of the control of the main parties and union bureaucracies.

Corporations reached secret deals with Luxembourg to avoid tax payments

By Jean Shaoul, 22 December 2014

The tax deals deprived tax revenue to governments around the world, all of which now claim that public services are unaffordable.

German interior minister calls for refugee camps in North Africa

By Martin Kreickenbaum, 22 December 2014

Interior Minister de Maiziere has proposed the outsourcing to Africa of the European Union’s refugee policy.

New in Turkish

Kömürleşmiş kalıntılar kayıp Meksikalı öğrenciye ait

Eric London, 22 Aralık 2014

Pazar günü açıklanan DNA testleri, bulunan kalıntıların, Meksika’nın güneyinde bulunan Guerrero eyaletindeki Ayotzinapa’dan kaçırılan 43 öğretmenlik okulu öğrencisinden (normalistas) biri olan 19 yaşındaki Alexander Mora Venancio’ya ait olduğunu ortaya koydu.

İran nükleer görüşmeleri uzadı

Keith Jones, 22 Aralık 2014

İranlı müzakereciler ve P-6 güçleri Pazartesi günü, yedi ay içinde İran’ın sivil nükleer programını “normal” hale getirmek için kapsamlı bir anlaşma sağlamak için sürenin uzatılmasına karar verdiler.

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The modus operandi of imperialist propaganda

22 December 2014

The current US propaganda campaign against North Korea follows a familiar template: the demonization of countries and leaders targeted by Washington over the past two decades.

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Arts Review

What the Sony emails tell us about the American film industry

By David Walsh, 22 December 2014

No one familiar with Hollywood will be astonished by the picture of back-biting, pettiness and shortsightedness that emerges from the leaked emails, but the information is salutary nonetheless.

25 years ago: Ceausescu falls in Romania

This week in 1989, military units joined the anti-Ceausescu uprising in Romania and the Stalinist regime collapsed.

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50 years ago: US postwar boom reaches zenith

In the final week of the year, preliminary economic data indicated that 1964 had seen nearly the sharpest growth of the US economy in the post-WWII era.

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75 years ago: Red Army debacle in Finland

On December 28, 1939, Stalin called a temporary halt to military action in the Winter War waged by the USSR against Finland.

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100 years ago: European troops hold unofficial Christmas truce

This week in 1914, some 100,000 British and German troops on the battlefields of the Western Front participated in an unofficial truce, halting the carnage of World War I over the Christmas period.

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Socialist Equality Party

Sri Lanka: SEP election campaign reveals widespread disillusionment with main political parties

By our correspondents, 22 December 2014

Socialist Equality Party supporters have launched an intense campaign for the party’s presidential candidate Pani Wijesiriwardena.

Sri Lanka: SEP presidential candidate addresses Colombo meeting

By our correspondents, 20 December 2014

SEP public meetings in Australia oppose preparations for war

SEP statement for Sri Lanka’s presidential election
Vote for SEP candidate Pani Wijesiriwardena! Fight for a socialist program against war and social counterrevolution!


Judge reverses guilty verdict in 1944 execution of 14-year-old

By Tom Mackaman, 20 December 2014

I Want To Live: The memoir of Izrail Agol

By Clara Weiss, 17 December 2014

In Defense of Historical Truth

Wide audience for online interview with David North, author of The Russian Revolution and the Unfinished Twentieth Century


US escalates campaign against North Korea

By Patrick Martin, 20 December 2014

European Union ramps up sanctions against Russia amid ruble crisis

By Alex Lantier, 20 December 2014

Imperialism and the ruble crisis

More on the crisis in Ukraine »

Why is Canada’s ruling elite commemorating the Boer War?

By Roger Jordan, 20 December 2014

US-Cuban rapprochement: The lessons of history

By Bill Van Auken and David North, 19 December 2014

US wealth gap largest on record

German establishment spawns right-wing Pegida movement

Greek presidential vote moves to second round

Mehring Books

The Sky Between the Leaves now available in eBook format

19 December 2014

This work by WSWS Arts and Culture Editor David Walsh is now available in ePub and Kindle formats. It is an important contribution to the study of Hollywood and global cinema and belongs in every Marxist library.


Sri Lankan Trotskyist P. V. Nandasena dies at age 71

the Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka), 17 December 2014

About 500 people attended Nandasena’s funeral, indicating the great respect in which he was held by SEP members, family and many other people.

The Fight Against Imperialist War

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung editor defends his attack on the Partei für Soziale Gleichheit

By Johannes Stern, 15 December 2014

The German Partei für Soziale Gleichheit answers the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’s defense of Jörg Baberowski

the Partei für Soziale Gleichheit, 3 December 2014

For scholarship instead of war propaganda
IYSSE standing candidates in student elections at Humboldt University

Humboldt University seeks to ban criticism of right-wing professor
Statement of the Socialist Equality Party and IYSSE of Germany