G7 summit convenes amid US threats against Russia

By Patrick Martin, 8 June 2015

In the lead-up to the meeting in Bavaria, US officials called for extended economic sanctions and stepped-up military pressure against Russia over the crisis in Ukraine.

US officials consider nuclear strikes against Russia

Canadian prime minister backs right-wing regime in Ukraine

By Roger Jordan, 8 June 2015

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited Kiev Saturday to reaffirm his support for Ukraine’s pro-western regime and the US-led drive against Russia.

Ukraine names ex-Georgian President Saakashvili governor of Odessa

February cease-fire collapses as fighting re-erupts in eastern Ukraine

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Greek default threatened as Syriza balks at further social cuts

By Robert Stevens, 8 June 2015

Prime Minister Tsipras presented Syriza’s own 47-page list of austerity measures, which were thrown out and denounced as “vague.”

In Brussels talks, Greece moves closer to austerity deal with EU

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Former BP executive acquitted of charges from 2010 oil spill

By Tom Hall, 8 June 2015

The acquittal of David Rainey means that not a single BP executive will have been held accountable for the worst environmental disaster in American history.

Lawmakers push to expand offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

Five years since the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Los Angeles cops who killed Ezell Ford set to be exonerated

By Evan Blake, 8 June 2015

Separate investigations by the Los Angeles Police Department chief and the LAPD Inspector General will clear the cops who killed Ezell Ford last August.

Cleveland prosecutor criticizes “egregious” errors in exoneration of killer cop

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For-profit education company deems Highland Park, Michigan’s last high school “unfeasible”

By Nancy Hanover, 8 June 2015

Highland Park Renaissance High School is being closed by the Leona Group LLC, ending secondary education in the Detroit enclave that was the birthplace of the automotive assembly line.

New York City nurses threaten strike over staffing levels

By Robert Fowler and Philip Guelpa, 8 June 2015

Nurses in New York City’s private hospitals overwhelmingly authorized strike action to demand adequate staffing.

Fraud charges and shareholder revolt at Deutsche Bank

By Verena Nees, 8 June 2015

The furore surrounding Deutsche Bank has profound causes rooted in economic and political developments since the 2008 financial crisis.

UK probation workers vote to strike

By Paul Veevers, 8 June 2015

Unison only called the strike ballot as a last resort and will limit the walkout to 24 hours.

Australian government vilifies human rights commissioner

By Mike Head, 8 June 2015

Commissioner Triggs warned of a “growing threat to democracy” produced by terrorism laws, refugee detention, mandatory sentencing and anti-association legislation.

Sri Lankan government facing deepening financial crisis

By Saman Gunadasa, 8 June 2015

The government is raising commercial loans to cover payments on existing loans, heightening the political uncertainty in Colombo.

New in Turkish

ABD emperyalizmi ve FİFA yolsuzluk soruşturması

Chris Marsden, 8 Haziran 2015

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri’nin, dünya futbolunun başındaki kuruluş olan FİFA’ya yönelik bir cezai soruşturma başlatmasının asıl amacı ortaya çıktı.

ABD’nin IŞİD’i silahlandırması

Bill Van Auken, 8 Haziran 2015

20 ülkenin bakanları, Irak ve Şam İslam Devleti’ne (IŞİD) karşı mücadele koalisyonunun bir buluşması olarak açıklanan toplantıda, 2 Haziran günü Paris’te bir araya geldiler.

ABD hava saldırıları 10. ayında olmasına rağmen IŞİD Irak ve Suriye’de ilerliyor

Bill Van Auken, 8 Haziran 2015

Hem Suriye hem de Irak halklarının, 2003’te Irak’ın işgal edilmesinden, on yıl sonra Suriye’de İslamcıların desteklenmesine kadar Ortadoğu’daki ABD politikalarının doğrudan sonucu olan kanlı savaş için ödediği bedel büyümeye devam ediyor.

Rusya Karadeniz’deki ABD muhribine karşı jetleri havalandırdı

Alex Lantier, 8 Haziran 2015

Rus medyasındaki haberlere göre, Rus jetleri, Cumartesi günü, Karadeniz’de, Rusya kıyısı açıklarındaki ABD güdümlü füze muhribi USS Ross’un yolunu kesti.

New in French

L'impérialisme américain et l'enquête sur la corruption à la FIFA

Par Chris Marsden, 8 juin 2015

Aucun aspect de la vie n'est à l'abri de l'impact de la montée des antagonismes économiques, politiques et militaires, et il n'y a pas de limite à ce que les États-Unis sont prêts à faire pour imposer leur volonté.

Washington dirige un chœur de condamnations de la Chine

Par Peter Symonds, 8 juin 2015

Les préparatifs militaires s'accélèrent derrière la guerre des mots sur les revendications territoriales chinoises en mer de Chine du Sud.

Le congrès du PS entérine la ligne réactionnaire du gouvernement Hollande

Par Francis Dubois, 8 juin 2015

Le congrès du Parti socialist ce week-end à Poitiers a confirmé le fait que le PS n’est plus qu’un appareil électoral au service de l’aristocratie financière.

Le drame des migrants en Méditerranée et les crimes de l’impérialisme

Par Julie Hyland, 8 juin 2015

Cette allocution a été prononcée le 3 mai par Julie Hyland, secrétaire nationale adjointe du Socialist Equality Party (UK), au Rassemblement international en ligne pour le 1er mai.

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Social inequality and American politics

8 June 2015

Despite polls showing overwhelming popular opposition to social inequality, these sentiments find no genuine expression in official US politics.

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A reply to Louis Proyect’s attack on the WSWS

By David North, 8 June 2015

Proyect claims that the WSWS used a quotation fabricated by a well-known Associated Press correspondent, Robert Burns, that misrepresents the nuclear policies of the Obama administration.

US imperialism and the FIFA corruption investigation

By Chris Marsden, 6 June 2015

US media escalate anti-China propaganda over alleged hacking

By Thomas Gaist, 6 June 2015

A US-led chorus of condemnation of China

By Peter Symonds, 6 June 2015

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Edward Snowden lends his support to “USA Freedom Act”

By Andre Damon, 6 June 2015

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The Bernie Sanders campaign and the American pseudo-left

By Tom Hall, 6 June 2015

“Left electoral action conference" in Chicago
The American pseudo-left and the Democratic Party

Arts Review

Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series depicts a vital chapter in American history

By Fred Mazelis, 8 June 2015

The latest show juxtaposes the famous 1941 paintings with photography, writing, music and other work of this period.

Painter Kehinde Wiley at the Brooklyn Museum: Trappings of empire and power

By Clare Hurley, 6 June 2015

Street artist Shepard Fairey paints a giant mural in Detroit

100 years since the birth of Orson Welles—Part 2

By David Walsh and Joanne Laurier, 5 June 2015

100 years since the birth of Orson Welles—Part 1

25 years ago: Cost of S&L bailout mushrooms

The US Congressional Budget Office estimated on June 12, 1990, that as many as 1,700 out of the 2,500 savings and loan institutions in the United States would have to be liquidated.

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50 years ago: US begins active combat role in Vietnam

On June 8, 1965, State Department spokesmen confirmed that the Johnson administration had authorized American troops to actively support the combat operations of the South Vietnamese puppet army.

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75 years ago: Mussolini declares war on Britain and France

The Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini declared war on Britain and France on June 10, 1940, as German imperialism stepped up its final offensive to the south against the Allied armies.

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100 years ago: Secretary of State Bryan resigns from Wilson administration

On June 8, 1915, William Jennings Bryan resigned as Secretary of State in a disagreement with Wilson and other cabinet members over US policy towards Germany.

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Book Review

A review of Stephen Kotkin’s Stalin: Paradoxes of Power, 1878-1928

By Fred Williams, 1 June 2015

Stephen Kotkin’s first volume of a projected three-volume biography of Stalin, published by Penguin Press, is a travesty of historical writing.

A review of Stephen Kotkin’s Stalin: Paradoxes of Power, 1878-1928: Part two

A review of Stephen Kotkin’s Stalin: Paradoxes of Power, 1878-1928: Part three

A review of Stephen Kotkin’s Stalin: Paradoxes of Power, 1878-1928: Part four

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

Oppose enforced political conformism at Humboldt University

International Youth and Students for Social Equality, 6 June 2015

Historian Timothy Snyder falsifies history at German-Ukrainian conference

By Clara Weiss and Wolfgang Weber, 5 June 2015

Humboldt University professor Herfried Münkler calls for German leadership in Europe

Münkler receives support from the far right in Germany

Defend student free speech at Humboldt University! Stop state-sponsored censorship!

Partei für Soziale Gleichheit (PSG) and International Youth and Students for Social Equality, 19 May 2015

Scholarship, not war propaganda!
The IYSSE’s campaign against war and historical falsification at Humboldt University

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Former Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz dies in prison at 79

By Bill Van Auken, 6 June 2015

The public face of Iraq for decades, Aziz faced deteriorating health during his dozen years of imprisonment, much of which was spent in solitary confinement.


A WSWS investigation into the social crisis in Australia’s Mount Druitt
Workers and young people speak out against growing poverty

By our reporters, 5 June 2015

A WSWS investigation into the social crisis in Australia's Mount Druitt
“A lot of our people are trapped in a poverty cycle”

Sydney’s Mount Druitt: A microcosm of Australia’s social crisis

More on Sydney’s Mount Druitt »

Police brutality and social inequality in Baltimore: An indictment of the Democratic Party

By Nick Barrickman and Trent Novak, 4 June 2015

Workers Struggles

Build rank-and-file committees to prepare the fight for jobs and wages!

By Jerry White, 5 June 2015


New hominin discovery suggests multiple human ancestors lived side-by-side

By Matthew MacEgan, 3 June 2015

New discoveries illuminate early human physical and technological evolution

International May Day 2015

Socialism and the struggle against war

By David North, 4 May 2015

This perspective is the text of the speech delivered by David North, chairman of the World Socialist Web Site International Editorial Board, to open the May 3 International May Day Online Rally.
Link to audio

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