Trial begins for police officer in Freddie Gray murder

By Andre Damon, 1 December 2015

The trial of officer William Porter in Baltimore, Maryland began as demonstrations continued against the police murder of Laquan McDonald in Chicago.

The conspiracy to cover up the police murder of Laquan McDonald

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“This is a great agreement for our company”
Ford execs, Wall Street investors gloat over new UAW contract

By Jerry White, 1 December 2015

Ford boss Mark Field told investors the new agreement with the United Auto Workers would cost the automaker less than 1.5 percent more per year, below the current rate of inflation.

Report: UAW auto contracts no threat to Big Three profits

Unifor prepares Canadian autoworkers for more concessions after UAW sellout deals

Lessons of the autoworkers’ battle

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Germany to send 1,200 troops to Syria

By Johannes Stern, 1 December 2015

Almost overnight, and without any public debate, a combat intervention has been set in motion whose consequences and final extent are unknown.

No to German intervention in Syria!

Dangerous developments in Germany

NATO and Turkey defend shoot-down of Russian jet

By Thomas Gaist, 1 December 2015

Leading officials categorically defended the attack on a Russian bomber jet along the Turkey-Syria border, and implied that future incidents along the same lines are unavoidable.

Syria and the South China Sea: Two flashpoints for world war

Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet and the danger of world war

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Government attempts to avoid court hearing into UK complicity in rendition

By Mark Blackwood, 1 December 2015

The act of one nation abducting the citizens of another is recognised by the United Nations as a crime against humanity.

COP21 ecological summit opens amid war tensions, with Paris in lockdown

By Stéphane Hugues, 1 December 2015

As the major powers are on the verge of war in Syria, they failed, unsurprisingly, to come together to address complex ecological problems related to global warming.

Tens of thousands attend climate change rallies in Australia

By Oscar Grenfell, 1 December 2015

While the protests expressed growing concern over the environmental crisis, organisers sought to channel them into bankrupt appeals to the Turnbull government.

Quebec public sector unions cancel three-day strike

By Richard Dufour, 1 December 2015

The cancellation was announced at the same time that the unions presented a “counteroffer” that goes a long way toward meeting the Quebec government’s concession demands.

Top Workers Party senator arrested in Brazil’s corruption scandal

By Bill Van Auken, 1 December 2015

The arrests of Senator Delcídio Amaral and top investment banker André Esteves have seriously deepened the crisis of the PT government.

Constitutional coup in Poland

By Clara Weiss, 1 December 2015

The right-wing nationalist PiS is attempting to consolidate its power with assistance from the judiciary, intelligence agencies and a co-opted media.

IMF lifts Chinese currency to reserve status

By Nick Beams, 1 December 2015

The decision to include the Chinese renminbi as an international reserve currency will be viewed by Beijing as a step forward but it is a two-edged sword.

Sri Lankan plantation workers sacked for demanding wage rise

By M. Thevarajah, 1 December 2015

The plantation companies are ruthlessly seeking to suppress workers’ resistance in order to impose the burden of the global crisis of the tea industry.

US: More than 3,000 laid off in closure of Fresh & Easy grocery stores

By Jake Dean, 1 December 2015

All 97 of the chain’s locations in California, Arizona and Nevada were shut down last month.

New in French

La répression policière à Paris et la dérive dictatoriale en France

Par Alex Lantier, 1 décembre 2015

Dimanche 30 novembre la police s’est saisie de l’interdiction permanente de toutes les manifestations publiques pendant l’état d’urgence pour organiser une répression brutale des manifestants écologistes à Paris.

États-Unis et puissances européennes préparent une escalade militaire en Irak et en Syrie

Par Thomas Gaist, 1 décembre 2015

La guerre sous direction américaine en Syrie et en Irak est en passe de devenir une guerre régionale par procuration à laquelle participent toutes les principales puissances du monde.

Le gouvernement canadien modifie le plan sur les réfugiés pour apaiser la droite

Par Roger Jordan, 1 décembre 2015

Le gouvernement canadien a réduit le nombre de réfugiés qu'il accueillera avant la fin de l'année et a imposé des restrictions discriminatoires concernant le droit d'asile.

Les syndicats prêts à conclure une entente de trahison avec le gouvernement

Par Laurent Lafrance, 1 décembre 2015

Les chefs syndicaux se préparent à saboter une lutte militante des travailleurs pour la défense des salaires, des pensions et des services publics.

L’EJIES présentera des candidats à l’élection au parlement étudiant de l’université Humboldt

Par nos correspondants, 1 décembre 2015

L’EJIES lutte pour empêcher que l’université Humboldt de Berlin ne soit transformée en centre de propagande droitière et militariste.

Il y a 50 ans : de Gaulle échoue à obtenir la majorité à l’élection présidentielle

1 décembre 2015

Le 5 décembre 1965, le président français Charles de Gaulle ne réussit pas à obtenir la majorité au premier tour de la première élection présidentielle au suffrage universel de la Ve République

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Corbyn opens door to Labour backing for British bombing of Syria

1 December 2015

In declaring a “free vote” for Labour MPs on military action against Syria, Jeremy Corbyn has given the green light for the Labour right wing to join with the Tories and drag Britain into war.

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New in Greek

Greek translation of “The Political Lessons of Syriza’s Betrayal in Greece”
Statement of the International Committee of the Fourth International

We are publishing here a Greek translation of the ICFI statement that was posted in English on November 13.

Arts Review

Trumbo and the history of the Hollywood blacklist

By Fred Mazelis, 30 November 2015

Sarah Gavron’s Suffragette: What do Mrs. Pankhurst and an East End laundress have in common?

By Joanne Laurier, 28 November 2015

Iraqi Odyssey opens in the US

The Factory: Documentary brings Indian auto workers’ struggle to an international audience


The police crackdown in Paris and the drift towards dictatorship in France

By Alex Lantier, 30 November 2015

New data on police foreknowledge of terrorists raise questions on Paris attack

September 11 and the Paris terrorist attacks

Official justifications for Brussels lockdown unravel

More on the Paris terror attacks »

Planned Parenthood shooter motivated by right-wing smear campaign

By Tom Carter, 30 November 2015

Humanitarian disaster on the Balkan refugee route

By Martin Kreickenbaum, 30 November 2015

Refugees rescued off West Timor after being dumped by Australia

More on the refugee crisis »

Yanis Varoufakis in Australia: A political cover for his role in Syriza’s betrayal

Mehring Books

Mehring Books holiday sale

24 November 2015

Mehring Books is pleased to announce its annual Holiday Sale. From now through January 4 we are offering discounts on new titles as well as a wide array of Marxist classics.

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: The Americas

1 December 2015

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

US steelmakers attack employee health care

By Evan Winters, 28 November 2015

25 years ago: Gorbachev assumes emergency powers

On December 1, 1990, the Supreme Soviet approved constitutional changes which concentrated unprecedented executive powers in the hands of Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev..

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50 years ago: De Gaulle fails to gain plurality in presidential bid

On December 5, 1965, French President Charles de Gaulle failed to gain a majority in the initial round of the first direct national presidential election held in the Fifth Republic.

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75 years ago: Nazi leadership plans invasion of the USSR

On December 5, 1940, German military leaders submitted planned objectives for an invasion of the Soviet Union to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

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100 years ago: IWW organizer Elizabeth Gurley Flynn acquitted

On November 30, 1915, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) organizer Elizabeth Gurley Flynn was found innocent of charges of “inciting to personal injury” during the Paterson silk mill strike of 1913.

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NHS Fightback

Victory to the junior doctors! Defend the NHS!
Statement by NHS Fightback

30 November 2015

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

IYSSE runs candidates for student parliament election at Humboldt University in Germany

By our correspondent, 28 November 2015

Autoworkers Struggles

UAW moves to wrap up concessions contracts for Nexteer workers, component drivers

By Shannon Jones, 28 November 2015

The UAW’s illegitimate vote at Ford
Form rank-and-file factory committee to carry forward the fight!

“It seems it was going to pass regardless.”
Accusations mount of UAW vote-rigging in Ford contract ratification

“The workers will never forget what happened here”
Dearborn Assembly workers allege fraud in UAW-Ford contract vote

“I am not surprised…because that’s the way they treat us”
More autoworkers denounce UAW attack on WSWS Autoworker Newsletter reporters

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75 Years Since The Assassination Of Leon Trotsky

Meetings in Germany mark the 75th anniversary of the death of Leon Trotsky

By our correspondents, 23 November 2015

An open letter from David North to Susan Weissman
Security and the Fourth International, the Gelfand Case and the deposition of Mark Zborowski

10 November 2015

Seventy-five years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky

ICFI Statement

The Political Lessons of Syriza’s Betrayal in Greece

International Committee of the Fourth International, 13 November 2015

The warnings of the ICFI and WSWS that Syriza was a pro-capitalist party, hostile to the working class, have been completely vindicated.

The way forward in the struggle against austerity in Greece

The 2016 US Elections

Trump spews racism and anti-Muslim bigotry

By Patrick Martin, 28 November 2015

Hillary Clinton calls for escalation of US war in Syria, Iraq

By Bill Van Auken, 20 November 2015

Sanders outlines pro-capitalist, pro-war positions in speech on “democratic socialism”

By Patrick Martin, 20 November 2015

Bernie Sanders lines up with Middle East war drive

Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?

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Socialist Equality Party

Sri Lankan SEP to hold public meetings on the 75th anniversary of Leon Trotsky’s assassination

SEP public meetings in Australia:
Why and How the GPU Murdered Leon Trotsky