Ballot dispute erupts as Erdogan declares a “Yes” victory in Turkish constitutional referendum

By Halil Celik, 17 April 2017

According to results posted last night, the constitutional referendum of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan won 51.4 percent of the vote.

Syrian rebels massacre at least 126 civilians in suicide bomb blast

By Jordan Shilton, 17 April 2017

The general indifference shown to the victims of this brutal massacre exposes once again the hypocrisy of the crusaders for “human rights” in the US and Europe.

Russia and Iran issue warning against further US attack on Syria

US claims of Syria nerve gas attack: The anatomy of a lie

More on the war in Syria »

US threats of war against North Korea continue

By Peter Symonds, 17 April 2017

The Trump administration is continuing to warn that military force could be used in response to any nuclear or missile test by Pyongyang.

China appeals to US to back down from war with North Korea

At least 26 dead in garbage dump collapse in Sri Lanka

By Vijith Samarasinghe and Wimal Perera, 17 April 2017

The tragedy has provoked shock and outrage across the country, compounding the political crisis facing the government.

Democrats push anti-Russian campaign at “tax day” protests

By our reporters, 17 April 2017

While several tens of thousands participated across the country, the turnout fell far short of previous anti-Trump protests.

Judge temporarily blocks Arkansas execution spree

By Brad Dixon, 17 April 2017

A federal judge has granted a preliminary injunction to block the planned execution of six inmates over 11 days in the state of Arkansas.

Amazon workers denounce working conditions

By Evan Blake, 17 April 2017

Workers at Amazon distribution centers describe a stifling atmosphere of intimidation by company management, while denouncing the Trump administration and the drive to war.

Tesla’s market valuation pushes past Ford and GM

By Gabriel Black, 17 April 2017

Unbridled speculation and a shift towards high-tech products, like automated cars, explains the electric car manufacturer’s seemingly absurd valuation.

Without evidence, UK parliamentary report accuses Russia of interference in Brexit referendum vote

By Paul Mitchell, 17 April 2017

The parliamentary report is the latest episode in British imperialism’s anti-Russian campaign, backed by their media echo chambers.

German military historian calls for army leadership to assume more political power

By Johannes Stern, 17 April 2017

The guest column by military historian Sönke Neitzel was a direct appeal to the German general staff to intervene once again into foreign and domestic affairs.

US media warns of “Russian meddling” in Latin America

By Alex González, 17 April 2017

The claim Russia is looking to increase its influence in Latin America is part of a broader effort to prepare public opinion for war with Russia.

Argentine teachers launch protest strike

By Rafael Azul, 17 April 2017

Last week’s national teachers strike against police repression was part of growing struggles against the government’s attacks on jobs, living standards and democratic rights.

How the AEU is attempting to push through a sell-out of Victorian teachers

By Susan Allan, 17 April 2017

If the agreement is such a “significant gain” then why is there no framework or democratic process where teachers can discuss, debate, and seek clarification on its contents?

New in Urdu

امریکہ نے افغانستان پر غیر ایٹمی بم پھینک کر انسانیت کے خلاف بڑ ے جرم کا ارتکاب کیا ہے

14 April 2017

جب کہ امریکی حکومت اور میڈیا ایک جعلساز اور جھوٹی ’’کیمیائی ہتھیاروں ‘‘کے شام میں استعمال کرنے پر بے شمار جنگی پروپیگنڈ ے میں مصروف تھے ۔ اس دوران واشنگٹن افغانستان پر تباہ کن غیر ایٹمی بم کو گرانے کی تیاری میں مصروف تھا۔

New in Russian

Американские СМИ: Трамп готовит «упреждающий удар» по Северной Корее

Джеймс Коган, 17 апреля 2017 г.

Предлогом для атаки США может стать стремление не допустить еще одного испытания ядерного оружия Северной Кореей.

Угольный кризис затрагивает Украину на фоне блокады Донбасса крайне правыми группировками

Джейсон Мелановски, 17 апреля 2017 г.

Из-за нехватки угля на Украине возникала угроза того, что без тепла и электричества могли остаться миллионы людей, в том числе в крупных украинских городах — Киеве и Харькове.

New in Spanish

La dominación del capital financiero: ¿Quién gobierna el mundo?

Por Nick Beams, 17 abril 2017

No hay ninguna diferencia significativa entre el capital industrial y el financiero ya que, al final, todo capital es financiero, según un nuevo estudio.

“En una guerra nuclear entre Estados Unidos y Rusia, todos en el mundo morirían”
Expertos nucleares hablan sobre los peligros de la guerra entre Estados Unidos y Rusia

Por Bryan Dyne y Barry Gray, 17 abril 2017

El World Socialist Web Site recientemente habló con Steven Starr y Greg Mello, ambos expertos sobre las consecuencias de una guerra nuclear.

Trump prepara una fuerza de detención y una red de campos para inmigrantes

Por Eric London, 17 abril 2017

Según un memorando hecho público por el Washington Post, el número total de inmigrantes detenidos aumentará a un promedio diario de 70.000.

Fiscal General de Trump amenaza a inmigrantes en discurso en la frontera México-Estados Unidos

Por Eric London, 17 abril 2017

El martes marcó otra importante escalada en el ataque de la administración Trump a los inmigrantes.

Once por ciento de chilenos marchan contra el sistema de pensiones a favor del lucro

Por Armando Cruz y Cesar Uco, 17 abril 2017

Dos millones de personas se manifestaron en contra de las Administradoras de Fondos de Pensiones, un sistema de pensiones a favor del lucro adoptado bajo el gobierno de la dictadura del General Augusto Pinochet.

En desafío al gobierno, continua la huelga en la mina más grande de cobre de Perú

Por Armando Cruz y Cesar Uco, 17 abril 2017

La huelga de los mineros de Cerro Verde ha entrado ahora en su tercera semana, a pesar del decreto del gobierno declarándola ilegal.

Festival de Cine Latino de San Diego —Parte 2
Las condiciones en América Latina, tratadas concretamente...y más abstractamente

Por Kevin Martinez y Toby Reese, 17 abril 2017

Este es el segundo de (2/3) tres artículos sobre el reciente Festival de Cine Latino de San Diego. La parte 1 fue publicada el 3 de abril.

New in French

La Chine appelle les États-Unis à éviter la guerre avec la Corée du Nord

Par James Cogan, 17 avril 2017

Au milieu d’allégations que la Corée du Nord s’apprête à effectuer un autre essai nucléaire, les États-Unis continuent les provocations en Asie du Nord-Est.

Médias et politiciens traitent le plus grand bombardement depuis Hiroshima comme un non-événement

Par Barry Grey, 17 avril 2017

La première utilisation de l'arme non-nucléaire la plus destructrice de l’arsenal américain n'a suscité aucun signe de protestation dans les médias ou les milieux politiques aux États-Unis et en Europe.

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Trump administration recklessly escalating the conflict with Korea

17 April 2017

Not since the height of the Cold War has the danger of a nuclear war been so great.

Earlier Perspectives »

Centenary of the Russian Revolution

This week in the Russian Revolution
April 17-23: Lenin issues April Theses

17 April 2017

One hundred years ago this week, Lenin follows his return to Petrograd with an unexpected declaration of war against a section of the leadership of his own party, which is still a minority in the soviets. Trotsky later refers to Lenin’s campaign inside the party, which opened with the publication of the April Theses, as the “struggle for the rearming of the Bolshevik ranks.”

This week in the Russian Revolution
April 10-16: Lenin arrives at Finland Station

Chronology of the Russian Revolution »

War and Revolution: 1914–1917

By Nick Beams, 10 April 2017


The German weekly Die Zeit, Jörg Baberowski and the Historians Dispute

By Christoph Vandreier, 17 April 2017

The article in Die Zeit reveals the political shift to the right in the media and the academic world. Political and historical views that evoked sharp denunciations three decades ago are now accepted and defended.

Right-wing media mobilizes in support of Humboldt University Professor Jörg Baberowski

More on the fight for historical truth »

Free the Maruti Suzuki workers!

“The only ones who gain from war are those in power, the upper one percent”
US autoworkers denounce drive to World War III, demand freedom for Maruti Suzuki workers

By Marcus Day and George Gallanis, 17 April 2017

Autoworkers at Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant (CAP) and at Fiat Chrysler’s Warren Truck plant in suburban Detroit denounced the threat of nuclear war and signed a petition to demand the freedom of the framed-up Maruti Suzuki workers in India.

Sri Lankan artists express solidarity with the framed-up Maruti Suzuki workers

The frame-up of the Maruti Suzuki workers—Part 3: The prosecution’s untenable “mob attack” narrative

By Eric London and Keith Jones, 11 April 2017

The frame-up of the Maruti Suzuki workers—Part 2: The factory fire and the death of Avineesh Dev

The frame-up of the Maruti Suzuki workers—Part 1: A travesty of justice

Background to a labor frame-up:
What the Maruti Suzuki workers were fighting for

By Jerry White, 12 April 2017

More on the frame-up of Maruti Suzuki workers »

International Committee of the Fourth International

For Peace, Equality and Socialism!
International Committee of the Fourth International calls May Day Online Rally

Featured Interview

“In a nuclear war between the US and Russia, everybody in the world would die”
Nuclear experts speak on the dangers of war between the US and Russia

By Bryan Dyne and Barry Grey, 15 April 2017

The World Socialist Web Site recently spoke with Steven Starr and Greg Mello, both experts on the consequences of nuclear war.

Media, political establishment treat dropping of biggest bomb since Hiroshima as nonevent

What would a US-European-Russian war look like?


Sri Lankan government sponsors a sham celebration of the Russian Revolution

By Vijith Samarasinghe, 15 April 2017

The domination of finance capital: Who rules the world?

By Nick Beams, 15 April 2017

CIA Director calls WikiLeaks an “enemy,” says Assange has “no First Amendment freedoms”

By Eric London, 15 April 2017

Trump makes pro-insurance company changes to Obamacare

By Kate Randall, 15 April 2017

Trump’s new federal law blocks state funding for Planned Parenthood

By Kathleen Martin, 15 April 2017

UK: The anti-union laws and the trade union bureaucracy

By Robert Stevens, 15 April 2017


On the Freedom Highway with Rhiannon Giddens

By Hiram Lee, 15 April 2017

The Coming War on China: A pacifist appeal

Public meeting April 18 in San Diego, California
Art and Revolution: Should art be judged on the basis of race and gender?


Spectrum of anti-hydrogen observed

By Joe Mount, 13 April 2017

Socialist Equality Party

Upcoming SEP/IYSSE public meetings
No to war in Syria!

11 April 2017

WSWS writer Bill Van Auken will be speaking at a meeting in New York City on April 15, and other meetings are currently scheduled in California, Michigan, Oregon, Louisiana, Massachusetts and Illinois.

Writings of Leon Trotsky on The Russian Revolution

Writings of Trotsky from 1917
War and the Revolution

By Leon Trotsky, 27 March 2017

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