Strikes by US workers outpacing rate in 2018

By Jerry White, 13 May 2019

There have been 17 major strikes in the US so far in 2019, involving nearly 230,000 public school and university employees, hospital staff, supermarket employees and other workers.

The Uber IPO: Billions for investors, increased exploitation for workers

The international upsurge of working class struggle in 2019

Toledo, Ohio workers complete first week of strike vs. Mercy Health St. Vincent

By Shannon Jones, 13 May 2019

Management has hired strikebreakers to maintain hospital operations and is relying on the UAW to contain and isolate the strike.

South African elections
Ramaphosa elected to full term as president amid record low ANC vote

By Eddie Haywood, 13 May 2019

The election marks the first time in the ANC’s post-apartheid history that its vote has fallen below 60 percent.

“This administration clearly wants to go after journalists”
Chelsea Manning restates her refusal to testify against Julian Assange as new grand jury subpoena looms

By Niles Niemuth, 13 May 2019

Speaking on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” program just three days after being released from federal detention, Manning made clear that she will resist the new grand jury subpoena, even at the cost of being sent back to prison.

Chelsea Manning released, faces new imprisonment for refusing to testify against Assange

“Act now” on trade or it will get worse, Trump threatens China

By Nick Beams, 13 May 2019

The increasingly belligerent US rhetoric is being matched by action expected to target another $300 billion worth of Chinese goods with tariffs of 25 percent.

No agreement at US-China trade talks as positions harden

Lebanon: Workers take to the streets to denounce government austerity measures

By Jean Shaoul, 13 May 2019

The rallies were part of a nationwide public sector strike affecting schools, universities, state-run media outlets and government offices.

Trump administration to evict 55,000 children of immigrants from public housing

By Eric London, 13 May 2019

The Washington Post reports that Trump's fascist adviser Stephen Miller propagated the new rule, while HUD itself assesses its purpose is to increase poverty and destitution among immigrant families.

Faculty at Chicago’s DePaul University condemn professor’s anti-democratic, militarist comments on Middle East

By Kristina Betinis, 13 May 2019

The faculty resolution condemned the views of Professor Jason Hill, who called for Palestinians to be stripped of voting rights and for Israel to exercise “unprecedented and excessive military might.”

Illinois passes bill criminalizing infrastructure-related protests

By Benjamin Mateus and Kristina Betinis, 13 May 2019

15 such bills, driven largely by oil and energy corporations through the pro-business think-tank ALEC, have already been enacted nationally, while 26 are pending.

New Zealand Labour government rules out capital gains tax

By John Braddock, 13 May 2019

Ardern’s capitulation to NZ First leader, Winston Peters, over what was a major election promise, underscores yet again the right-wing character of her government.

Australian Labor Party’s fraudulent cancer care pledge

By Gary Alvernia, 13 May 2019

Even if implemented in full, the plan would not significantly reduce the exorbitant costs of cancer therapy and care.

New in Spanish

La oferta pública inicial de Uber: miles de millones para los inversionistas y una mayor explotación para los trabajadores

Shannon Jones, 13 mayo 2019

Las huelgas y protestas globales de los conductores de Uber y Lyft, en medio de una orgía de enriquecimiento de sus accionistas, subraya la necesidad de que los trabajadores adopten una estrategia internacional-socialista.

Cien años del Movimiento del 4 de mayo en China —Parte 1

Peter Symonds, 13 mayo 2019

El movimiento del 4 de Mayo que estalló en 1919 fue parte de un fermento intelectual más amplio, profundamente influido por la Revolución rusa, que llevó a la fundación del Partido Comunista Chino en 1921.

Documental sobre la brutal desaparición de los normalistas en 2014
Los 43: una masacre estatal y un encubrimiento en México

Rafael Azul y Don Knowland, 13 mayo 2019

Enmascarar el papel que jugó el ejército en la desaparición de los cuarenta y tres normalistas sin duda habría envuelto a sus mandos superiores. Si la Comisión de la Verdad determinan que eso fue así ¿quebrará López Obrador su promesa de cero impunidad?

La defensa de Venezuela y la lucha por el socialismo en América Latina

Bill Van Auken, 13 mayo 2019

Estamos publicando aquí el texto del discurso para el Mitin En Línea por el Primero de Mayo de 2019 pronunciado por Bill Van Auken.

La guerra imperialista, el resurgimiento de la clase obrera en Oriente Próximo y el norte de África y la estrategia de la revolución permanente

Keith Jones, 13 mayo 2019

Estamos publicando el texto del discurso del Mitin Internacional en Línea del Primero de Mayo de 2019 pronunciado por Keith Jones.

No hay acuerdo comercial entre EUA y China después que las diferencias se agudizan

Nick Beams, 13 mayo 2019

Hace una semana se esperaba un acuerdo entre EUA y China, pero tuvo que cancelarse cuando el gobierno de Trump acusó a Beijing de retractarse en sus compromisos.

Según aumentan las protestas, el ejército argelino arresta a la líder del Partido de los Trabajadores

Will Morrow, 13 mayo 2019

El ejército está encarcelando a Louisa Hanoune con base en cargos infundados para enviar la señal de que tratará despiadadamente a cualquiera, incluso a figuras cercanas al régimen.

Cambiando la fórmula de pobreza, la Administración de Trump hará a millones inelegibles para programas sociales

Alex González, 13 mayo 2019

El “índice de precios encadenado” está basado en un ataque previo contra los pobres y ancianos propuesto por el Gobierno de Obama.

New in Portuguese

EUA ameaçam Irã com uma guerra

Keith Jones, 13 Maio 2019

O caráter imprudente e criminoso das ações de Washington é enorme. Um ataque dos EUA contra o Irã ameaça provocar uma guerra em todo o Oriente Médio e arrastar rapidamente outros países imperialistas e grandes potências ao conflito.

O “socialismo” nacionalista de Bernie Sanders

Patrick Martin, 13 Maio 2019

Sanders apresenta os trabalhadores chineses, o maior contingente da classe trabalhadora internacional, como os inimigos dos trabalhadores estadunidenses.

New in French

Les États-Unis à un doigt de déclencher une guerre contre l’Iran après avoir positionné bombardiers B-52 et groupe aéronaval

Bill Van Auken, 13 mai 2019

Ces déploiements menaçants surviennent alors que Washington fait de nouvelles déclarations belliqueuses en série.

L'introduction en bourse d'Uber: des milliards pour les investisseurs, un redoublement de l’exploitation pour les travailleurs

Shannon Jones, 13 mai 2019

Les grèves et manifestations mondiales des chauffeurs d’Uber et Lyft sur fond d’une débauche d’enrichissement des actionnaires, soulignent la nécessité de l’adoption d’une stratégie socialiste internationale par les travailleurs.

Alors que les manifestations se multiplient, l'armée algérienne arrête la dirigeante du Parti des travailleurs

Will Morrow, 13 mai 2019

L’armée a emprisonné Louisa Hanoune sur des accusations sans fondement pour signaler qu’elle traitera tout le monde impitoyablement, même des personnalités proches du régime.

Le conflit iranien intensifie les tensions transatlantiques

Peter Schwarz, 13 mai 2019

Les gouvernements européens font tout ce qui est en leur pouvoir pour éviter de déclencher une mobilisation plus large contre la guerre.

Espagne: pas de «ligne rouge» dans les pourparlers pour un gouvernement Parti socialiste-Podemos

Alejandro López, 13 mai 2019

Iglesias a souligné qu’au cours de leur collaboration parlementaire, les deux partis avaient pu «établir une relation de confiance» et s’étaient traités «avec franchise et empathie».

Les négociations commerciales sino-américaines piétinent alors que les positions se durcissent

Nick Beams, 13 mai 2019

Il y a une semaine, un accord était attendu, mais ce scénario a été mis en échec lorsque le gouvernement Trump a accusé Pékin de faire marche arrière sur ses engagements.

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The working class and the threat of dictatorship in the US

13 May 2019

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats admit that there is a “constitutional crisis” but refuse to conduct a serious struggle against Trump’s authoritarian actions.

Earlier Perspectives »

Free Assange and Manning

London public meeting demands the freedom of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning

By our reporter, 13 May 2019

Speakers included leaders from the Socialist Equality Parties in Britain, Australia, the United States and Germany, with Clara Campos representing the Julian Assange Defence Committee.

Australia: GetUp’s silence over the persecution of Julian Assange

Richard Phillips: SEP Senate candidate for New South Wales, 13 May 2019

The protest group’s reaction to the incarceration of Assange signals its complicity and is a political godsend for Australia’s political elite.

Free Assange NZ denounces hypocrisy at World Press Freedom Day event

By Tom Peters, 11 May 2019

Video: Workers at SEP rally in Parramatta denounce persecution of Julian Assange

By our reporters, 9 May 2019

ICFI supporters in India to hold picket to free Assange

9 May 2019

“We need to save his life. That’s how serious it is”
Pamela Anderson and WikiLeaks editor-in-chief visit Julian Assange in prison

By Laura Tiernan, 8 May 2019

US indicts whistleblower who exposed Obama’s drone assassination program

By Kevin Reed, 11 May 2019

The sentencing of Julian Assange: A legal travesty

More on the campaign to Free Assange and Manning »

International Online May Day Rally 2019

The future lies in socialism

By Joseph Kishore, 13 May 2019

We are publishing here the text of the speech to the 2019 Online International May Day Rally delivered by Joseph Kishore.

The class struggle in the United States and the fight against war

By Niles Niemuth, 13 May 2019

We are publishing here the text of the speech to the 2019 Online International May Day Rally delivered by Niles Niemuth.

Opening report to Online International May Day Rally
The resurgence of class struggle and the fight for socialism

By David North, 6 May 2019

The ICFI’s program intersects with a new wave of working-class struggle

Imperialist war, the working-class upsurge in the Mideast and North Africa, and the strategy of Permanent Revolution

The defense of Venezuela and the struggle for socialism in Latin America

France’s “yellow vest” protests and the global resurgence of the class struggle

The defence of Assange and Manning is the spearhead of the struggle against imperialism

The Christchurch terror attack and the promotion of fascism by the ruling elite

The persecution of Assange and Manning is an attack on the working class

Greetings to Chinese workers and youth on the centenary of the May 4 movement

May Day 2019: The resurgence of the class struggle and the fight for socialism

On May 4, the International Committee of the Fourth International held its annual International May Day Online Rally, with speakers and participants from throughout the world. Readers can listen to the entire rally here.

Arts Review

San Francisco Board of Education to decide on the fate of historic murals said to be “offensive”

By Toby Reese, 13 May 2019

A “Reflection and Action Group,” dominated by identity politics, has recommended removing murals at George Washington High School. The action would erase a striking work that treats important issues in US history.

Wild Nights with Emily: American poet Emily Dickinson undone by gender politics

By Joanne Laurier and David Walsh, 10 May 2019

Clergy: An uncompromising film about the hypocrisy and corruption of the Catholic Church in Poland

Red Joan: A British spy story skirts some issues

Documentary about the brutal 2014 disappearance of teachers’ college students
The 43: A state massacre and cover-up in Mexico

25 years ago: Teamsters cut off strike benefits for freight drivers

On May 17, 1994, the executive board of the Teamsters union approved the cutoff of $200-per-week strike pay following the betrayal of the freight drivers’ strike in April.

More »

50 years ago: Chinese-Malay clashes after Malaysian election

On May 13, 1969, following national elections that resulted in a sharply reduced majority for the ruling Malay-dominated Alliance Party, riots broke out in Kuala Lumpur that targeted and attacked Chinese neighborhoods.

More »

75 years ago: Stalin deports the Crimean Tatars

On May 17, 1944, the Soviet secret police, at the direction of Stalin, launched a three-day punitive operation rounding up the entire population of 500,000 Crimean Tatars.

More »

100 years ago: Canadian workers begin general strike in Winnipeg

On May 15, 1919, more than 30,000 workers in Winnipeg, Manitoba, walked off the job in support of a strike by metal tradesmen which began on May 6.

More »


German Young Socialist leader unleashes storm of debate about socialism

By Peter Schwarz, 11 May 2019

The German ruling class fears the spectre of socialism

Eugenics advocate Noah Carl dismissed from Cambridge University fellowship

By Thomas Scripps, 11 May 2019

With B-52s, carrier battle group in place, US war against Iran on a hair trigger

By Bill Van Auken, 11 May 2019

Iran conflict intensifies transatlantic tensions

The social crisis and the global eruption of US imperialism

More on US militarism »

The New York Times and its Uyghur “activist”

By Peter Symonds, 9 May 2019

Trump rally roars approval for call to “shoot” immigrants

By Eric London, 10 May 2019

Trump floats proposal to cancel 2020 elections

By Eric London, 8 May 2019

Trump issues full pardon to former lieutenant who executed prisoner in Iraq

More on the Trump presidency »

India’s election and the revolutionary program to oppose austerity, war and communal reaction

By Keith Jones, 8 May 2019

Financial parasitism and the stock market surge

By Nick Beams, 9 May 2019

More on world economy »

Removal of white educator from African American history class in Michigan sparks widespread outrage

By Phyllis Steele and Nancy Hanover, 9 May 2019

SEP (Australia) Election Campaign

The Australian election and the fraud of the NDIS

Max Boddy: SEP candidate for Hunter, 10 May 2019

Greens offer bogus climate pledges while pleading for another partnership with Labor

Mike Head: SEP candidate for Oxley, 9 May 2019

SEP election meetings in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane
Vote Socialist Equality Party! No to War and Austerity! For Socialism and Internationalism!

7 May 2019

Workers Struggles

French public sector workers strike against Macron government attacks

By Anthony Torres, 11 May 2019

“They depend on us for their wealth and power”
Uber and Lyft drivers in Chicago, New York and California speak out against exploitation of gig economy workers

By our reporters, 10 May 2019

“We need to fight capitalism and change the whole system”
Uber and Lyft drivers conduct international strike

GM workers denounce deals to “save” token jobs in Lordstown and Oshawa

By Shannon Jones, 10 May 2019

“The UAW sold us down the river”
Fiat Chrysler uses robocall to announce more layoffs at Belvidere, Illinois, plant

More on autoworkers struggles »

“I am ready to stay out and not going back in until we get everything we need”
More than 20,000 participate in Oregon walkouts for public education

By Kayla Costa, 9 May 2019

Two thousand nurses and support staff strike at Toledo, Ohio hospital

More on the class struggle in the US »

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

IYSSE in US holds successful meetings on postmodernism and identity politics

By our reporters, 10 May 2019

”Dictatorships as alternative political orders?”—We say no!
Student Parliament at Humboldt University condemns Jörg Baberowski’s right-wing think tank

European elections

“Join the fight for a united socialist Europe!”
Socialist Equality Party (SGP) publishes campaign video for European Elections

By the Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei, 29 April 2019

The European elections and the revival of class struggle


One hundred years since the May 4 movement in China

By Peter Symonds, 4 May 2019

One hundred years since the May 4 movement in China—Part Two

New York Times column falsifies legacy of Eugene Debs

By Tom Mackaman, 30 April 2019

The Fight Against Fascism

“If you agree with our analysis, you’ve got to decide what you’re going to do.”
David North speaks on the threat of fascism

By David North, 20 April 2019

Princeton University provides $300,000 in funding for right-wing historian and propagandist Jörg Baberowski

By David North, 10 April 2019

More on the fight against fascism »

Lessons of the Matamoros workers' rebellion

New trade union bureaucracies or rank-and-file workers’ power?
Lessons of the Matamoros workers’ rebellion: Part one

By Andrea Lobo, 25 March 2019

The ongoing strike wave on the US-Mexico border provides critical lessons for the incipient movement of the working class on an international scale.

International Committee of the Fourth International

Indian Trotskyists hold Kolkata public meeting to celebrate 80th anniversary of the Fourth International

By our correspondents, 13 March 2019

The 50th anniversary of the founding of the SEP (Sri Lanka)
Victory of the Trotskyists in the 1985–1986 split in the ICFI

By Saman Gunadasa and K. Ratnayake, 29 December 2018

Eighty Years of the Fourth International: The Lessons of History and the Struggle for Socialism Today

By David North, 9 October 2018

On the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Fourth International

Security and the Fourth International

New book now available
Agents: The FBI and GPU Infiltration of the Trotskyist Movement

By Mehring Books, 21 January 2019

The WSWS announces the release of a new book, Agents: The FBI and GPU Infiltration of the Trotskyist Movement, by Eric London.

The origins and findings of the Security and the Fourth International investigation

By Eric London, 14 November 2018