Letters from our readers

13 December 2008

The following is a selection of recent letters sent to the World Socialist Web Site.

On "Reply to an anti-Trotskyist rant over SEP candidates' appearance in Scotland"

This Kirkwood sounds like a real wingnut, and you are so right to call him on this nonsense.  If this student newspaper is to have any credibility, they need to disavow his rantings post haste, especially as the other report, as you describe, shows journalistic objectivity and integrity—things that appear to be anathema to this guy.

Rob Maxwell

9 December 2008


Mr. Ralph Kirkwood doesn't know anything about Leon Trotsky, the Fourth International and the ISSE/ICFI. Kirkwood's statement is one expressing his own ignorance and stupidity. Perhaps he is a practitioner of Post-Modernism? I wouldn't be surprised! 

We know all too well which side the Stalinists, Maoists, anti-Trotskyists, etc., stand on the banks of the River of Blood! The best these reactionary dead-end anti-Trotskyist groups can recommend is ignorance and violence. How typical. Good riddance to them.

Those like Mr. Kirkwood should not waste readers' time with such banal, ignorant comments. Perhaps they should address the actual political, economic, historic content of comrade White's campaign. 

I also demand that Strathclyde Telegraph print comrade Johnstone's reply.


Willington, New Zealand

9 December 2008

On "Chicago workers occupy plant set to close"

WSWS's team of writers has documented the 2008 version of that 1930s favorite, the sit-down strike. Chicago Window and Doors workers lost their jobs without notice, severance pay, or vacation pay, when the owner closed the plant at the direction of his creditor, Bank of America.

My father went through the workers' struggles of the pre-World War II era to join and be represented by unions. The plant's owner ignored the workers and their union to rob the workers' union.  Pop went through that too.  Bush and the neo-cons act like they've destroyed the unions. Let's hope that the workers and their union fight for freedom, not the gipper, AKA Reagan, the patron saint of neo-cons who had been the president of a Hollywood union. Some of us call Reagan a turncoat and a scab.  It reflects our 1930s heritage of "Solidarity Forever!"

Larry L

8 December 2008

On "The US, Pakistan and the ‘terrorist' Hamid Gul"

I just finished reading your article on Hamid Gul, Pakistan's former head of the ISI. I was utterly shocked to see you omit his most significant comment, one that he has made consistently since 9-11-01, which is that 9-11 was an inside job, a false flag terror attack. Is there a reason for omitting Gul's most important and relevant claim in your article?

Henry H

10 December 2008

On "Democratic governor arrested in Illinois corruption probe"

I can't believe they threw the governor of Illinois in jail for threatening to divest from Bank of America! It is way too much of a coincidence that this happens the day after he officially sides with the Republic Windows and Doors workers. This reeks of political gangsterism.

Obviously the man is a crook; so was Spitzer, but that's not why they brought him in. I bet they have a thick file on every liberal politician ready to go when he/she steps out of line.

Stefan H

11 December 2008

On "General strike, spreading protests rock Greek government"

You write, "Yesterday's one-day general strike paralysed much of Greece, while 10,000 marched in Athens against the right-wing government of Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis." Please be careful and don't post numbers that are false! 10,000? The march was at least double that size in Athens alone, not to mention other marches in all major cities of Greece.

With comradely greetings,


Athens, Greece

11 December 2008