Letters from our readers

3 March 2012

On “Unite auto workers in Europe, North America and internationally against wage-cutting and layoffs!

Look to the retirees of the Big Three for your votes. GM retirees are facing the pension de-risk consideration. We are the big losers of the 2011 contracts sold out by King. I will vote for you if you put King and GM on the spot for any attempt to send our pensions to the PBGC [Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation]. We are 500,000 strong at GM alone.

David F
27 February 2012

On “What is at stake in Syria?

Congratulations once again, your analysis of the facts on the ground of Syria at the present moment is head and shoulders ahead of the pack. I think I’ve e-mailed before on this, anyway, I knocked about there for a couple of months last year and have since been appalled—if not surprised—at the gulf between the Western media construct of Syria...and reality.

In my humble opinion, the threat of war there has receded slightly in the last month, and in part, this must be due to certain media not following the script. Keep up the good work!

Owen F
1 March 2012

On “Afghanistan rises in revolt against US occupation

An excellent article.

First of all, let me just say that this is my first comment at the WSWS, and I have to admit that ever since 2008 I have become an avid reader of daily news at WSWS.

What is interesting to note is that with all the color revolutions that first started with former Soviet republics, and then gradually spread towards the Middle East, is that they all ended up as compliant regimes to Western imperialism and their corporations. The other thing is that after postwar Britain and later US, they always connived with radical Islamists as a foreign policy tool for imperialist objectives, and in the process they always cooperated with reactionary regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and this was all done in accordance of old imperial rule of “divide and rule”. Now moving on to Lebanon, it is a highly sectarianized society, and the working class population has been divided under sectarian lines that have prevented any direct challenge to the current corrupt political status quo. Both March 14 and March 8 are bourgeois political movements that are politically bankrupt, let alone to solve any of the ongoing internal problems.

Sebouh A
27 February 2012

On “Protests continue over Boston transit cuts and fare hikes

Once again, a major city shoots itself in the foot by cutting transportation. What is next? People having to use 911 to go to the grocery store that is located next to the nearest hospital?

27 February 2012