The Lessons of Wisconsin: New pamphlet available at Mehring online

10 August 2012

Mehring Books is pleased to make available to readers of the World Socialist Web Site the new Socialist Equality Party pamphlet, The Lessons of Wisconsin: The Way Forward in the Fight Against Austerity.

pamphletThis pamphlet contains a series of articles published on the World Socialist Web Site during and in the aftermath of the mass protests against budget cuts in Wisconsin that erupted in February 2011.They provide a contemporaneous account of these events and outline the program advanced by the Socialist Equality Party to take the fight forward.

The powerful protests in Wisconsin marked the re-emergence of the American working class into political struggle after decades in which the trade unions suppressed every form of resistance, refuting all those demoralized “left’ and liberal intellectuals who proclaimed the death of the class struggle. At the same time it raised the critical issues of program and leadership.

From the outset the Socialist Equality Party sought to provide a political leadership and fought to mobilize the full industrial strength of the working class against the administration of Republican governor Scott Walker and the profit system he defends. At the same time the SEP opposed all those forces that sought to subordinate the working class to the trade unions and the Democratic Party.

This pamphlet is vital reading for those workers and young people seeking to draw the lessons of this important experience.

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