The 2006 Israeli war against Lebanon

Israel used chemical weapons in Lebanon and Gaza

By Jean Shaoul, 24 October 2006

Israel has admitted using phosphorous bombs during the war against Lebanon last summer, just days after being accused by an Italian television documentary programme of using dense inert metal missiles, which are highly carcinogenic, against the Palestinians in Gaza in July and August.

German government presses for military deployment in Lebanon

By Peter Schwarz, 14 September 2006

The German government decided Wednesday, September 13, to send German naval ships to the Lebanese coast. Within the context of a United Nations mandate, the German Navy will have the task of cutting off the supply of weapons to Hezbollah. The German parliament (Bundestag) is expected to give its approval for the deployment next week, opening the way for the immediate dispatch of German frigates.

Israeli cluster bombs blanket Lebanese towns

By Rick Kelly, 1 September 2006

Unexploded Israeli cluster munitions dropped during the 34-day war in Lebanon have killed at least 13 civilians and wounded 50 since the ceasefire took effect on August 14. About 100,000 unexploded cluster bomblets litter the country, preventing large numbers of people from returning to their homes. Israel’s bombardment of urban and residential areas with cluster munitions was a deliberate tactic by the government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to terrorise the Lebanese people and prevent refugees from returning to their homes.

Amnesty International details Israeli war crimes in Lebanon

By Peter Symonds, 25 August 2006

An Amnesty International (AI) report published on Tuesday provides a chilling account of the death and destruction inflicted on the civilian population of Lebanon by the Israeli military during its month-long, US-backed offensive. Entitled “Deliberate destruction or ‘collateral damage’? Israeli attacks on civilian infrastructure”, the document demonstrates that the Israeli government is directly responsible for numerous war crimes against the Lebanese people.

The aftermath of the US-Israeli offensive against Lebanon

By Rick Kelly, 25 August 2006

The following report was delivered by World Socialist Web Site correspondent Rick Kelly at public meetings in Sydney and Melbourne on August 22 and 24.

Tug of war over Lebanon intervention force

By Peter Schwarz, 23 August 2006

The dispatch of a United Nations military contingent to Lebanon is meeting obstacles. France, which was originally supposed to form the “backbone” of the force and provide its leadership, has unexpectedly turned down such a role. Now, urged by Israel and the US, Italy has indicated it is willing to lead the force and supply its biggest contingent.

Refugees flood back to devastated southern Lebanon

By Rick Kelly, 18 August 2006

Hundreds of thousands of refugees have returned to what is left of their homes in Lebanon in defiance of Israeli warnings and threats to stay away. Openly expressing their support for Hezbollah, residents have rushed to reclaim their land in a display of mass opposition to US-Israeli aggression.

Thousands march in Germany to protest US-Israeli war against Lebanon

By our correspondents, 14 August 2006

Demonstrations and rallies against Israeli aggression and war crimes in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories took place Saturday in a number of German cities, including Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt. August 12 was an international day of protest, marked as well by rallies in the US, Australia, Britain and South America.

On eve of Lebanon ceasefire deadline: US, Israel face political debacle

the Editorial Board, 14 August 2006

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Montreal: Thousands protest Israeli war on Lebanon

By Guy Charron, 12 August 2006

Sixty-thousand people marched through the streets of Montreal last Sunday to protest against Israel’s war on Lebanon. The demonstration was called by the main trade union federations in Québec, a large section of the Québec political elite, including the two indépendantistes parties (the Parti Québécois and the Bloc Québécois), and politicians associated with the federal Liberal Party, and by numerous antiwar, human-rights and Arab organizations.

Behind India’s near-total silence on the Israeli assault on Lebanon

By Arun Kumar and Keith Jones, 12 August 2006

India has pretensions to be a world power, professes to be a spokesman for the underdeveloped countries in world affairs, considers west Asia to be part of its “extended neighbourhood,” and has hundreds of soldiers deployed in Lebanon as United Nations peace-keepers. Yet it has remained all but completely silent on the four-week-old Israeli aggression against Lebanon—an aggression that has cost more than a thousand Lebanese civilians their lives, forced a million Lebanese to flee their homes, destroyed much of the country’s infrastructure and threatens, due to the blockading of vital food and medical supplies, to cause an even greater humanitarian crisis.

Arab League offers its services to Washington in Lebanon crisis

By Rick Kelly, 11 August 2006

The Israeli assault on Lebanon has again demonstrated the perfidious role of the Arab bourgeoisie and the prostration of the Arab League before the US and Israel. As the Zionist state has killed hundreds of Lebanese civilians and driven a million others from their homes, the Arab League’s overriding priority has been to head off and defuse opposition to the war from the masses of the Middle East.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation attacked for “biased” program on Israel’s aggression

By Rick Kelly, 10 August 2006

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has come under fire from Zionist organisations and other media outlets for its broadcast last month of a children’s current affairs program which included a brief and, one might have thought, unobjectionable historical account of the Israeli state’s dispossession and invasion of Arab lands. The subsequent uproar, and the ABC’s craven capitulation, demonstrate the climate of censorship and intimidation which surrounds every aspect of the Australian media’s coverage of Israel’s criminal war on Lebanon.

Canada: Conservative government unconditionally defends Israel’s assault on Lebanon

By Guy Charron, 9 August 2006

At an emergency meeting of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs August 1, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay resolutely defended the minority Conservative government’s stand in support of Israel’s military offensives in Lebanon and Gaza.

Crisis atmosphere builds in Israel

By Mike Head, 9 August 2006

Israel’s fragile Kadima-Labour coalition government is facing mounting popular unease, both with the atrocities being inflicted on Lebanon and with the collapse of the government’s initial claims of a swift victory in the month-old war.

Israeli war crimes aimed at “cleansing” south Lebanon

By Bill Van Auken, 9 August 2006

On Tuesday, Israeli warplanes struck the southern Lebanese town of Ghaziyeh, killing at least 14 people. Missiles demolished civilian homes just as some 1,500 mourners were participating in a procession to bury 15 of their relatives and neighbors slain just the day before. The explosions sent the crowd running in panic, dropping shrouded corpses in the street.

Behind Bush’s “truce” plan: the drive towards a wider Middle East war

By Bill Van Auken, 8 August 2006

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UN resolution on Lebanon: blueprint for intensified war and colonial occupation

By Bill Van Auken, 7 August 2006

The US-French resolution that is to be voted on by the United Nations Security Council early this week represents an imperialist diktat to the people of Lebanon and an attempt by Washington to legitimize and consummate the geo-strategic goals pursued in the month-long US-Israeli war of aggression.

US-Israeli war aim is to annihilate Lebanon

the Editorial Board, 5 August 2006

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Human Rights Watch catalogues Israeli war crimes in Lebanon

By Rick Kelly, 4 August 2006

The US-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) accused Israel of committing war crimes in a 50-page report released yesterday. Titled “Fatal Strikes: Israel’s indiscriminate attacks against civilians in Lebanon”, the report provided additional proof that the Zionist state is deliberately targeting civilians as part of its criminal strategy to terrorise and drive out the population of southern Lebanon.

Manoeuvres and appeasement: Europe’s response to the US-Israeli war against Lebanon

By Chris Marsden and Julie Hyland, 3 August 2006

The response of Europe’s governments to the US-backed Israeli attack on Lebanon has been cowardly and devoid of principle. Any pretence that the European Union was capable of advancing a foreign policy independent of Washington was put paid by its resolution on the Lebanon crisis issued August 1, calling for “an immediate cessation of hostilities to be followed by a sustainable ceasefire.”

Following Qana massacre

Israel escalates Lebanon offensive with US backing

By Mike Head, 1 August 2006

Given yet another green light by the Bush administration in the wake of the Qana massacre, Israel has intensified its bombardment of Lebanon and launched a wider ground offensive in a bid to occupy a swathe of territory across the south.

The Qana massacre: Slaughter of innocents in Lebanon

Editorial Board, 31 July 2006

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Australia: Melbourne rally opposes US-backed Israeli war

By our reporters, 31 July 2006

About 2,500 people demonstrated in Melbourne yesterday against the US-backed Israeli war against Lebanon in a rally and march from the State Library to Federation Square. Many in the crowd were families and young people, who arrived in groups from the nearby railway station, to show their opposition to the war drive.

US media alibis for Qana massacre

By David Walsh, 31 July 2006

As the news broke Sunday morning of the Israeli massacre in the southern Lebanese village of Qana, the American media swung into action to provide alibis and excuses for the horrific war crime.

Bush, Blair meet to oppose Lebanon ceasefire and back Israel’s war aims

By Chris Marsden and Julie Hyland, 29 July 2006

President Bush summoned British Prime Minister Tony Blair to Washington Friday to perform his usual function of lending US foreign policy an international veneer. Amidst growing international outrage over Israel’s bloody assault on the Lebanese people, the two leaders stood by their intransigent defence of Israeli aggression.

Atrocities mount as Israel intensifies bombardment of Lebanon

By Mike Head, 29 July 2006

Openly backed and armed by the United States, Israel is carrying out mounting atrocities in Lebanon in an attempt to overcome unexpectedly fierce resistance from the Hezbollah movement. With its 17-day aerial bombardment having failed to wipe out Hezbollah, or weaken its support among the population, Israel has intensified its onslaught.

Growing disquiet in Israel over Lebanon war

By Mike Head, 28 July 2006

In a private meeting with 70 American Jewish leaders in his Jerusalem office on July 25, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert vowed that his government would not “run away” from the war in Lebanon. Olmert told the United Jewish Communities Solidarity Mission that the battle “may be painful,” with two million Israelis living in bomb shelters and daily life at a halt in the country’s north. But he cited an opinion poll showing that 95 percent of the country’s Jewish population supported the war.

Israel prepares major escalation of Lebanon aggression

By Patrick Martin, 28 July 2006

The Israeli government issued orders Thursday to mobilize as many as 40,000 additional reserve soldiers in preparation for an escalation of its war of aggression against Lebanon. The action was taken by the security cabinet of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in response to mounting demands from the military brass and the media for a full-scale invasion of south Lebanon.

Joschka Fischer and German Greens defend Israeli bombing terror in Lebanon

By Ulrich Rippert, 28 July 2006

At the start of this week, German Green Party deputy Jerzy Montag travelled to Israel at the head of a German-Israeli parliamentary delegation. In a press statement, his office in Berlin declared that a delegation from the German-Israeli society is also participating in the trip to Haifa.

WSWS replies to charge of anti-Semitism in coverage of US-Israeli war on Lebanon

26 July 2006

To: Van Auken,

Rice leaves bloody footprints in Lebanon

The WSWS Editorial Board, 26 July 2006

At some point in the future, when the ill-fated American drive for hegemony in the first decade of the twenty-first century is subjected to critical study, historians will discover ugly parallels between the tenure of Condoleezza Rice as American secretary of state under President Bush and that of Joachim Ribbentrop as German foreign minister under Chancellor Hitler.

Rice’s Middle East tour: “Diplomacy” in furtherance of war

By Chris Marsden, 24 July 2006

One day before US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was due to arrive in Tel Aviv to discuss the conflict in Lebanon and Gaza, the New York Times reported that the Bush administration was rushing through a delivery of satellite- and laser-guided bombs requested by Israel. The move epitomises the reality of Washington’s “diplomacy”—throwing American power behind its Israeli client state in furtherance of plans to secure its own hegemony over the Middle East by force of arms.

Democrats, Republicans line up to back Israeli war crimes

By Joe Kay, 24 July 2006

Last week, both the US House of Representatives and Senate overwhelmingly passed resolutions praising the Bush administration for its full support of Israel’s military campaign in Lebanon. Democrats joined with Republicans to endorse Israel’s bombing campaign, which has led to the deaths of hundreds of civilians.

Australia: thousands join global protests to condemn Israel’s war on Lebanon

By our reporters, 24 July 2006

More than 25,000 people demonstrated in Australian capital cities over the weekend—in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide—condemning Israel’s war of aggression against Lebanon. The largest protest saw more than 15,000 gather at Sydney’s Town Hall, joining the crowds who rallied over the weekend in London, Paris, Warsaw, Tel Aviv and other major cities.

Protests in Israel and worldwide against war on Lebanon

By Mike Head, 24 July 2006

Protests were held in Israel, across the Middle East and around the world over the past few days condemning Israel’s US-backed war on Lebanon. In Arab countries, rallies again denounced the acquiescence of the Arab states in the onslaught. Elsewhere, the largest demonstrations, involving thousands of people, were held in the United States and in countries closely allied with Washington’s war aims in the region—Britain, Australia and Canada.

The New York Times and the war in Lebanon: A cynical defense of US-Israeli war crimes

By Barry Grey, 22 July 2006

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Israel prepares to launch ground war in Lebanon

By Mike Head, 22 July 2006

With Washington’s backing, Israel is preparing to launch a ground invasion of Lebanon, having called up thousands of army reservists and massed tanks and armoured personnel carriers on the border.

UN Human Rights Commissioner warns of war crimes in Lebanon

By Chris Marsden, 22 July 2006

The statement by United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour that war crimes may have been committed in the Lebanon conflict was deliberately couched in diplomatic terms.

The real aims of the US-backed Israeli war against Lebanon

Editorial Board, 21 July 2006

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Australian citizens left to face Israeli bombardment

By Mike Head, 21 July 2006

The Howard government has displayed a calculated indifference to the plight of the estimated 25,000 Australian citizens trapped by the Israel bombardment of Lebanon since July 12. In keeping with its unequivocal support for the Israeli assault, Canberra has acquiesced in the Israeli government’s refusal to grant even limited ceasefires to allow the evacuation of Australian and other foreign nationals.

American media unquestioningly defends Israeli violence

By David Walsh, 21 July 2006

Over the past week, the American mass media has obediently fallen into line in defense of Israeli violence and aggression. As hundreds of civilians have died in Lebanon and an estimated half a million been made homeless by Israeli bombs and shells, the US media has consistently painted the conflict as a defensive action by the Zionist regime against provocations by “terrorists.”

Canadian government indifferent to Israel’s murder of eight of its citizens

By Keith Jones, 20 July 2006

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Hillary Clinton celebrates Israeli war crimes

Bill Van Auken and Socialist Equality Party candidate for US Senate from New York, 19 July 2006

The speech given by New York’s Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton to a rally staged by Zionist organizations Monday across from the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan amounted to a celebration of massacres and war crimes.

Western diplomacy supports Israel’s war of aggression

By Chris Marsden and Barry Grey, 19 July 2006

On Tuesday, the seventh day of Israel’s air war on Lebanon, with some 250 civilians killed and much of the country’s infrastructure destroyed, President George Bush issued yet another threat against Syria.

G8 powers sanction Israeli aggression in Lebanon

The WSWS Editorial Board, 18 July 2006

The summit of the Group of Eight adjourned Monday on the sixth day of brutal Israeli air strikes on Lebanon, with the leaders of the major imperialist regimes effectively endorsing the pulverizing of a small nation by a US client state, armed to the teeth by Washington.

US gives Israel a blank check to wage war

By Barry Grey, 17 July 2006

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Israeli attack on Lebanon threatens to engulf entire Middle East in war

Editorial Board, 15 July 2006

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Israel launches military assault on Lebanon

By Chris Marsden, 13 July 2006

Israel responded to the capture of two of its soldiers by Hezbollah, which carried out a raid across the Israeli-Lebanese border Wednesday morning, by opening up a second front in its military operations, launching missile and bomb attacks from the air and sea and sending troops into southern Lebanon.