The June 2010 Labor Party coup in Australia

New facts revealed on 2010 ousting of Australian PM

By Nick Beams, 29 August 2014

Paul Kelly’s book effectively demolishes the political fictions manufactured to justify the coup against Kevin Rudd.

Three years since the US-backed coup against Australian Labor PM

By Peter Symonds, 24 June 2013

The SEP was alone in warning that the 2010 coup was bound up with a fundamental sea-change in geo-politics and a deepening assault on the basic democratic rights of the working class.

Nixon-Whitlam tapes shed light on current Australian rifts over US-China conflict

By Mike Head, 30 August 2012

An essay documents acrimonious exchanges in 1972–73 between the Nixon administration in the US and the Australian government of Gough Whitlam.

SEP (Australia) first national congress

Resolution 5: The 2010 coup and the crisis of bourgeois rule

9 May 2012

The following is the second of seven resolutions passed unanimously at the first national congress of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) held from April 6 to 9, 2012 in Sydney (see: “Australian SEP holds first national congress”).See resolutions 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7.

Political stench of 2010 coup haunts Australian PM

By Peter Symonds, 16 February 2012

Along with domestic considerations—above all the demands of big business for tough austerity measures—US hostility to Rudd’s foreign policy was a decisive factor in his ouster.

Australian government “delivers” on mining tax

By Mike Head, 26 November 2011

The Minerals Resource Rent Tax delivers the immense concessions that Julia Gillard pledged to the big mining companies in June 2010, just after she was installed as prime minister.

Australian government aligns with Washington’s anti-China stance in Asia

By James Cogan, 29 October 2011

Gillard’s paeans to the Obama administration were clearly motivated by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s sweeping outline of the global strategy of US imperialism in the latest edition of Foreign Policy magazine.

WikiLeaks cables expose US hostility to Rudd’s Asia Pacific Community plan

By Peter Symonds, 31 December 2010

American opposition to former Australian PM’s plan to ease tensions between China and the US, underscores Washington’s aggressive, confrontational orientation to Beijing.

The WikiLeaks cables and the US-Australia alliance

By Patrick O’Connor, 15 December 2010

Leaked US diplomatic cables have detailed the extraordinary level of involvement of the American state in the day to day functioning of Australian politics, laying bare the real character of the diplomatic relationship between Washington and Canberra.

Australia: WikiLeaks cables reveal secret ties between Rudd coup plotters and US embassy

By Patrick O’Connor, 9 December 2010

Key coup plotters in the Labor Party and trade unions—including senators Mark Arbib and David Feeney, and Australian Workers Union chief Paul Howes—secretly provided the US embassy with regular updates on internal government discussions and divisions within the party leadership.

WikiLeaks cables cast fresh light on coup against former Australian PM Rudd

By Patrick O’Connor, 8 December 2010

The latest round of US diplomatic cables distributed by WikiLeaks have cast fresh light on the circumstances surrounding the anti-democratic Labor Party coup on June 23-24 that ousted Kevin Rudd as Australian prime minister.

After the Australian election: The way forward for the working class

Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 24 August 2010

The hung parliament that emerged from Saturday’s election is a further expression of the deepening crisis of the parliamentary system both in Australia and internationally.

New pamphlet from Mehring Books

The June 2010 Political Coup: A warning to the working class

18 August 2010

Mehring Books is proud to announce the publication of The June 2010 Political Coup: A warning to the working class, a powerful collection of articles, comments and political statements analysing the extraordinary political coup that removed Kevin Rudd as Australian prime minister.

SEP election campaign in Fowler finds...

Deep disquiet in western Sydney over Australian Labor’s leadership coup

By an SEP reporting team, 5 August 2010

The SEP’s campaign in the outer south-western Sydney electorate of Fowler for the August 21 Australian election has found broad hostility toward the backroom coup that installed Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Australia: Labor’s factional war—a deepening crisis of the parliamentary system

By Nick Beams, 3 August 2010

The internecine war that has broken out in the Australian Labor Party, with the publication of a series of leaks aimed at damaging either Prime Minister Julia Gillard or her deposed predecessor Kevin Rudd, is more than a passing factional conflict.

Australia: Labor’s leadership coup starts to unravel amid leaks and counter-leaks

By Mike Head, 2 August 2010

A war of damaging internal leaks has dashed the hopes of Gillard and her backers of using a snap election to bury all discussion about the implications of Labor’s June 23-24 political coup.

Australia’s political coup and the role of the ex-left

By Laura Tiernan and Nick Beams, 26 July 2010

The response of the middle-class pseudo-left groups to the coup that removed Australian Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and installed Julia Gillard has highlighted the class interests they serve.

Australia: Gillard touts her economic “reform” credentials but coup questions persist

By Patrick O’Connor, 16 July 2010

Despite Gillard and her colleagues’ best efforts to “move forward” and prevent any scrutiny of the unprecedented political coup of June 23-24, the still unclear story as to how Rudd was brought down, and by whom, continues to dog the Labor government on the eve of a national election campaign.

The global economic crisis and the political coup in Australia

By Nick Beams, 15 July 2010

Socialist Equality Party (Australia) national secretary Nick Beams delivered the following opening report to conferences on “The World Economic Crisis, the Failure of Capitalism and the Case for Socialism,” convened by the SEP and the International Students for Social Equality in Sydney and Melbourne.

Mining executive’s speech points to key role in Australian coup

By Nick Beams, 15 July 2010

A speech by Rio Tinto chief Tom Albanese underscores the key role played by the major mining companies in the coup that removed Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, and the ruthlessness of the pursuit of their interests globally.

What was Washington’s role in the coup against Australian prime minister Rudd?

By James Cogan, 15 July 2010

As more information drips out, the role of Washington in the June 24 political coup against former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd looms ever larger.

Australia’s political coup leaders and their big business connections

By Alex Messenger, 10 July 2010

The leaders of the political coup that removed Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd were not just “faceless numbers men” but had direct connections to big business and the mining industry in particular.

The international significance of the political coup in Australia

By Patrick O’Connor, 7 July 2010

Julia Gillard’s anti-democratic installation is symptomatic of escalating global economic political turbulence, and stands as a warning to the working class about the turn by the ruling elite in every country to new and repressive mechanisms of rule.

New Australian prime minister pledges support for US alliance and Afghan war

By Peter Symonds, 3 July 2010

In the wake of last week’s leadership coup, the Australian Labor government has been at pains to stress the continuity of foreign policy under Prime Minister Julia Gillard, pledging fealty to Washington and ongoing Australian involvement in the US-led war in Afghanistan.

Australia: Mining magnates ramp up demands on Gillard government

By Mike Head, 30 June 2010

Amid deepening global financial turmoil, the world’s biggest mining companies are demanding far greater tax concessions from the newly-installed Australian prime minister.

Australia: Mining giants dictate terms to new prime minister

By Patrick O’Connor, 29 June 2010

The major transnational mining corporations have delivered a blatant ultimatum to Julia Gillard—unless their demands are satisfied on the government’s proposed Resource Super Profits Tax in the next few days, the campaign against the tax and against the government will resume and intensify.

The Australian Labor Party coup: a warning to the working class

the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 28 June 2010

Julia Gillard’s installation as prime minister last Thursday through an unprecedented coup within the Labor apparatus stands as an ominous warning to the working class.

Australia: Big business and mining companies issue diktats to new prime minister

By Patrick O’Connor, 25 June 2010

Julia Gillard—installed yesterday through an unprecedented political coup—has been issued with a clear set of instructions by the corporate and media interests that orchestrated Kevin Rudd’s ousting.

New Australian PM pledges ongoing commitment to Afghan war and US alliance

By James Cogan, 25 June 2010

Julia Gillard, who replaced Kevin Rudd as Australia’s prime minister yesterday, used her first speech to send a clear signal to Washington that the Labor government will not waver in its support for the criminal war in Afghanistan.

Australian prime minister Rudd ousted in political coup

By Nick Beams, 24 June 2010

In extraordinary events over the past 24 hours, Rudd was removed through a campaign orchestrated by multi-national mining companies, the Murdoch media and other corporate interests and implemented through a series of backroom manoeuvres by right-wing factional warlords and union bureaucrats.